Stormfront, DS, and the Breaking of the Internet


This is unprecedented. The various Domain Name Registrars are taking down well-known National Socialist sites and holding their domains in a sort-of limbo so no one can buy them.

First came the semi-satirical news website “The Daily Stormer”, run by “Alt-Right” member Andrew Anglin. It first was removed of its Cloudflare account, which the CEO of Cloudflare publicly stated was due to an article speaking about the fat, childless dyke that everyone was trying to make a martyr of that got run over by a proven-CIA Operative driving a Dodge in the Charlottesville hullabaloo. Next, the domain owner takes down “”.

Next, Stormfront gets taken down using the same domain limbo as DS. It was “reported” by a black woman that they were involved with “” (incorrect address) in planning the “Charlotesville Riot” (also a falsehood). The entire report made by the black woman looks as if she doesn’t have a law degree, despite being on a “team of lawyers dedicated to liberty, justice, and equality.”

Don Black has made one public statement. Don Black, the veteran, has no common methods of massive electronic communication that these newer “Alt-Right” types have. His only public statement I can find is that he’s working with his lawyers. Curious if other organizations were down, I went to the lesser-known “White Biocentricism” website run by Will Williams, current chairman of The National Alliance. I saw a discussion on the Stormfront closure, and the only new information I saw out of it was Mr. Williams doesn’t know what Tor is. I assume Kevin Alfred Strom does as he is younger and more active on the technical-side of things.

There is an entire compendium of lists being compiled saying “You shut us down!” Amazing.

Historically, this is how the totalitarian regimes played out. First, you had massive defamation, stramwman arguments, and people posing as your own. We are long past this, this has been the tactic for nearly 70 years now. Then, you have massive censorship campaigns to silence the opposition. This is where we are now. What follows is massive, behind-closed-doors legislation being passed that infringes on the rights of humanity further and further. Because of the massive censorship, and because of the defamation, any opposition (including opposition not bound by ideology, but rather by “this doesn’t seem right”) is seen as disgusting by the lemmings of the general public, and due to the censorship, the opposition isn’t well heard. The most recent of these in Real-World examples is Jewish Governess Kate Brown’s new Gun-Grab bill. You hear no one speaking of it.

What comes next, after the massive legislation, after the censorship, and after everything else, comes the midnight purges like in the Stalin regime. Having defamed these people, the public is on the side of the ruling party. Having censored these people, they can not communicate with others so easily to warn or even inform the general public.

However, an interesting thing occurs in the modern age. The majority of people seem to be waking up. It seems that we now outnumber the general ruling class (though there seem to be more of the “This just doesn’t seem quite right” crowd then any other type of crowd at the moment). Also, with the massive spread of decentralized, and distributed information, as well as advanced encryption methods, it seems reasonable to think that we could organize a true underground (or other things) if shit were to really hit the fan.

Now, why doesn’t anyone talk about Stormfront, veteran White Nationalist site of 22 years being shut down, only a few talking about The Daily Stormer, and virtually no one talking about the Governess’s gun grab bill?


This should be illegal. Telling the truth should not be censored.


It technically was since ICANN was bound by the First Amendment. Then in 2016, one of the last treasonous acts by the illegitimate Obama Administration was to gift ICANN to the United Nations. There was limited uproar, and Ted Cruz was the only real politician against it. President Trump, at the time, was sort of “Eh… I’ll agree with ya, Ted.” I was talking about it at the time and predicted this very thing to happen (

Please note I made a mistake in my message as the problem does not lie in the DNS (as I assumed it may) but rather my second point that ICANN holds the monopoly on domain names. You could get non-ICANN domain names (e.g. .glue from OpenNIC) but then only people using your alt-dns can access it.


The first amendment restricts government, not business. If any non-governmental agency, like ICANN, wants to ban specific domain names, they can. It’s 100% legal. I don’t agree with it, as ICANN has a monopoly over domain registration - just stating the facts.


Just to point out the hypocrisy. Isis sites are protected by cloudflair, but not stormfront


Except before they were gifted to the UN they were a quasi-governmental agency overseeing what happened to turn into the commercial internet. Now that they’re UN control it is no longer bound by the laws of the United States which allows them to do such things. Prior to this gifting, the domain registrars operating on the mainstream internet (e.g. not OpenNIC/OpenDNS but ICANN/Public Internet) were bound to the terms imposed by the United States.

I’d rather there be no oversight than giving the damn thing to the Communist United Nations.


You should try READING the information in the citations you offer.

From your citation:

The Green Paper proposed certain actions designed to privatize the management of Internet names and addresses in a manner that allows for the development of competition and facilitates global participation in Internet management.

ICANN was incorporated in California on September 30, 1998, with entrepreneur and philanthropist Esther Dyson as founding chairwoman.[7] It is a nonprofit public benefit corporation "organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable and public purposes.

According to the citation you offered, ICANN was never a part of the government. Your whole rant has been destroyed. And you destroyed it.


On July 26, 2006, the United States government renewed the contract with ICANN for performance of the IANA function for an additional one to five years.[22] The context of ICANN’s relationship with the U.S. government was clarified on September 29, 2006 when ICANN signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Department of Commerce (DOC).[23] This document gave the DOC oversight over some of the ICANN operations.[23][24]


Next time try reading the whole thing, asshole. How much is Soros paying per post now? I’ll make a fake account and shitpost for a few bucks. Send the word to your handlers, okay?


Coming to a dictatorship near you… Perfected by China and advocated by an old Soviet Block state … that we have opened our arms to defend via NATO…


The public internet as we know it is going to be totally controlled by corporate and government entities. Once politicians start regulating something they can’t stop. It’s an addiction. Let’s not forget about all of the money that groups like Google and Facebook are throwing around right now to make sure that internet censorship goes through. All of that money has to land somewhere and it usually goes in the pockets of politicians.

That’s why everyone should be paying attention to Web 3.0 which will be built on the Bitcoin blockchain. That’s really the future of the internet. It’s totally decentralized and outside the control of Google, Facebook, and government. A few years from now no one will be using the public internet.


Yeah, I’ve read some about it… the technicals elude me as I am not well versed in blockchain technology but I am sure as time progresses and more articles are written we will get a better handle on it… of course so will governments… :persevere:


@Scott I’m in Sweden at the moment. It’s getting late here. If you want some good bed time viewing watch this lecture by one of the Blockstack founders. It’s very informative.


I’ll have a look tomorrow… I’m of course only an hour behind you but I am ready to have my warm milk and cookies :rofl:

Thanks :+1:


These tech oligarchs are acting like their own Gods and need to be brought down to size with U.S. Anti-Trust laws.

We can’t allow these neurotic, totalitarian nerds to get away with this without some kind of consequence, they are acting as if they are an authority above the government.


I would say that these ‘tech oligarchs’ operate in perfect synergy with the governments of the world… perfect crony capitalism… perfect state surveillance