Students in Pakistan Beat Fellow Pupil to Death after Accusing him of Blasphemy


I just wanted to share with everyone this beautiful act of tolerance that occured in Pakistan in the name of the religion of peace.

They beat him to death with wooden planks until his skull caved in for sharing pictures on social media.


No mention of arrests made.

I bet the teachers approved of it. This is what leftist want to openly welcome into our country.


Sometimes Ashley, I think that leftists are like women… they will take you in and love you in spite of your faults… because they can change you… you have become, a project of mercy…:innocent:


That’s not like any woman I know!!!


I found the video of the attack. It’s pretty bad. These people are considered to be “moderate” Muslims. The person they killed was also considered to be a moderate. If this is what they do to their own…


Muslims are filthy murderous psychopaths who would beat anyone to death in the streets over the slightest insult or offense. That’s why liberals love them so much.They don’t have the balls to do what these fucking savages consider to be a religious duty.


Who cares? As long as they’re killing the pig worshipping Muslim’s they call neighbors, I’m for it.


Yep. Round them up around the globe and send them back to their shitholes. Let them stomp the shit out of each other all day. Fuck em.


On a side note, how is it illegal to joke about an imaginary figure like Allah?


Last time I checked it’s perfectly legal. That doesn’t mean groups like the ACLU and SPLC won’t haul your ass into court on a civil case, but it’s not criminal.