Stupid people


Medicare for all. A great idea, Will the proponents all pay their own premiums or will they expect government to pay their premiums.

Part A hospital inpatient deductible and coinsurance
You pay:

$1,316 deductible for each benefit period
Days 1-60: $0 coinsurance for each benefit period
Days 61-90: $329 coinsurance per day of each benefit period
Days 91 and beyond: $658 coinsurance per each “lifetime reserve day” after day 90 for each benefit period (up to 60 days over your lifetime)
Beyond lifetime reserve days: all costs

The standard Part B premium amount is $134 (or higher depending on your income).

Supplement plan, Average 300 a month.

A family of 4 would pay
Part D, a variable cost
536 a month for part B
1200 a month for a supplement plan.

Why do people think medicare is cheap???


Also, hospitals charge more to private insurance to make up for free care they are required to provide, non-paying patients and Medicare/Medicaid under-payments. So we are taxed for Medicaid/Medicare and pay again in our premiums.


Let’s talk about “stupid people” for a second @LouMan

All of your healthcare freakout posts never focus on the big picture. They do prove one thing though, Republican orthodoxy focuses strictly on concentration of wealth to provide capital to create businesses and jobs.

While that’s true enough and on a more macro level you can see that, over history on a societal level, countries make the jump from emerging to developed economies when the birthrate falls below a bit of a critical level (Lester Thurow covered it in a small section in The Future of Capitalism) so that resources are no longer devoted to mere subsistence but can be redirected to build societal level infrastructure (really just another form of wealth concentration).

However, Republicans completely neglect the need for businesses to have customers. Build it and they will come is the refrain, unless of course, people can’t afford what you built. No customers and your nascent business goes belly up.

You need both pieces, but right now things are stacked way too far on the side of wealth concentration and therein lies the rub. Republicans seem unable to connect other aspects of their policies (healthcare for example) as further exacerbating this disconnect.

A phase out or weakening of Medicare is simply more along these lines. It is bad on an individual and societal level and Democrats need to start cogently making the case.


The Dems suck at shaping the message.


Indeed they do.

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Medicaid and Medicare ARE NOT HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS. They’re for the poverty stricken, elderly, and single mothers. THEY ARE A HANDOUT and we don’t want to give handouts to working age people.

Our problem is we’re spending 500 Million a year insuring able bodied people who don’t/won’t work.


The right sucks more… that is why the message of ‘free’ has gotten democrats so far and at the same time inflicted on our society, so much damage.

@Chandler s post above likes to once again put the right into this money grubbing orthodoxy when in fact, it is far less about money than it is about what motivates a passionate nation… The right has yet to be able to coherently tell the body public just how debilitating and wasteful the vast majority of the Great Society programs have been. They have trapped people in places with out hope or opportunity… they have captured generations of families on state assistance… they have destroyed black families and corrosively removed fathers from the home. These aren’t things that the right has done. And it is the productive part of society, a part I might as that is shrinking, that has funded this folly.

What @Chandler misses is that just providing healthcare… single payer like he chants for, beyond the fact that it would be hugely expensive to implement, does nothing to make these people more productive, nothing to give them opportunity and I see it all around me here in Britain, it does absolutely nothing to get people to take personal responsibility for their own health. Again, on the diabetes front, the vast majority could control their own condition by exercise and diet but instead they go to the doctor for a prescription so that they don’t have to do anything… except eventually have a limb amputated.

When democrats can understand and engage the real live thing called human nature instead of attempting to pour money and SJW on people in an attempt to change the unchangeable, then we can actually have a discussion… and of course when they actually understand what runs a vibrant economy then we can actually have a conversation about what drives and creates the wealth that they want to spend…

I would take your comment one step farther… dems have had control of the message far to long… and now they are loosing it because fact will always win out over emotional arm waving…


How’s your Wyoming abode coming along?..


Miss the point of the post??

it’s about the perception that medicare is inexpensive and the reality is it is not.


Wow, you really are out of touch with reality. Because that person that might be making your frigging hamburger - and working 40+ hours a week - deserves healthcare like you and everyone else does.
People like you want to make it seem like the people who can’t afford it are just lazy… No you are in your little bubble, and don’t see the reality of the situation. Automation will only worsen the problem… It’s time for a paradigm change.


I can’t speak for @Eric but for myself, I’m not saying anything of the kind. Do I think that medical care is beyond their reach… yes. But my question is what made the medical care so expensive? When we address this problem, we unlock the the solution to why medical care costs so damn much. Again unfortunately it is government tinkering in markets and systems it has little knowledge of.

I’ll give you an example in two other areas of the economy where this government interference is more easily seen. One is the cost of housing. The federal reserves maniuplation of asset prices pushed up, artificially, the price of home from (we will us a short window) 2000 to 2007. Actually they have been doing in since the 70’s but that is a different discussion. So in 2008 when housing prices crashed (Back to what would be considered ‘normal’ and much closer to what might be considered a reasonable affordability index) what did they do? They (artificially) held up asset prices so that banks didn’t go underwater thus making housing much less affordable, even for a renter, than it should be. The second thing is the government guarantee of student loans… I pushed up the desire for loans… created and eased access for loans… filled available seats to capacity… caused a building boom for more seats… but in the end, created no jobs for the graduates not only because it created to many graduates but because it allowed loans in all the wrong subjects.

Of course people should have access to affordable medical care but we should be addressing the actual problem. It is interesting that in one area the US leads the world… in medical care… We have the finest research, finest development of products and procedures. So let me ask you, in the name of giving everyone equal medical access, just like Europe we became just like Europe. You don’t know how many people travel to the US for life saving treatment because it doesn’t exist in there country or their healthcare service does not provide it… what if the US became just like them? Is that what people mean by ‘universal care’?


I think the spike in health costs is a “Boomer Bubble”.

We have the largest generation prior to the Millennials hitting their 70s en mass. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that health care costs started rising well beyond the normal rate of inflation/cost of living in the 90s when the Boomers started hitting their 50s.

Older people consume more health care. Lots of older people consume lots of health care. As a result, you get a higher demand for medical resources. Demand goes up, costs go up - good ol’ Supply & Demand. Opportunities to game the system also go up. It all translates into higher overall healthcare costs for everyone.


Beyond the history of insurance, its use in the work place and its use to pay for basic services is that fact that we still have on the books, the laws that created all of the cost shifting in the first place. Even though Obamacare was suppose to cover everyone and thus fix this problem by relieving pressures on emergency rooms, we still have the same price distortions and a product that will cost one person one price and another person another price. None of the price distortions have to do with government sanctioned medical and insurance extortion and racketeering… none of it have to do with government sanctioned price opacity where the consumer gets to know the cost only after the fact…

Supply and demand of course have their affects but you can still go to most any other country and pay cash for treatment with a western trained doctor and only pay 1/10th the price.


Would 11-40 million illegals not paying for their healthcare raise the price of healthcare?
Would Government regulations like digitizing all records rail he price of healthcare.
Would inflation and the cost of medical school raise the cost of healthcare?
Would adding millions of people to the medicaid rolls increase the number of people seeking healthcare?
Would subsidizing insurance making it cheaper increase the number of people seeking healthcare.
Would lawyers suing anything that moves in the healthcare industry increase the cost of healthcare?
Would the need to live forever increase the cost of healthcare as people demand everything be done for 2 more days of life?
Would the intervention of government dictating free service increase th cost of healthcare?
Would 60% of the US population that is over weight or obese case healthcare costs to rise as they consume more healthcare?

Not to be critical of your statement as it is somewhat correct but thee are far more factors many caused by our government.


What would anyone other than an entry level worker work 40 hours at a fast food place?

Because they can and be subsidized by the government via welfare and free healthcare.


The Democrats are Marxists, and it’s why they want government control of health care. Alinsky states the 1st step to control a nation is control health care.


Still waiting.

Get it yet???


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Really, Glad you know what it is then. Maybe the only way to help people actually get medical care is to take the PROFIT out of it. Sad when so many people think that a high profit margin should be pursued - instead of helping their fellow citizens.
Clearly, you love the DOG eat DOG world of capitalism. May you not be the next one bitten down a notch or two…


There are so many facets your statement.

If people made good decision and were responsible in how thy livd and wha they ate it would make perfect sense. However when you have a country that is 60% obese, overweight the reality of why should anyone pay for their healthcare when they won’t take care of themselves. That 60% leads to 30% of Americans with hypertension or high cholesterol not to mention the related heart diseases as well as other issues.