Stupid people


And I agree with you there.
I think most of that is a direct result of our goverment “meddling”.
That is where the Crony Capitalism comes into it.
They subsidize things like corn… Therefore it is cheap to make ingredients like high-fructose Corn syrup.
Then you have people that are on a limited budget. Will they buy a bag of chips that can feed their whole family. Or do they buy 1 apple that costs just as much?
I can go buy 3 bottles of PEPSI for the price of 1 bottle of juice.
It isn’t cheap to eat healthy. Matter of fact is is down right expensive…
That is the situation I believe that we are in with the “overweight” America.


I’m still waiting for people to tell me why people from all over the world travel to the US to get treatment when it is not available in their own country… Profit drives innovation and causes people to pursue risky and expensive R&D… Want the innovator in medicine to go out of business?.. then we can all have truly universal health care…


You are mistaken about the many people who goto other countries for cheaper and just as good healthcare. I think you’re cherry picking your information/data.


Of course they do… do you know that you can buy a pill in Mexico for a 4th the price in the US… affordability is what is causing people to travel away from the US not access. This is what drives me crazy about the debate on this subject… Even someone who stands on market principle like Rand Paul is still talking about making insurance cheaper, not making medical deliver cheaper. We have a mountain of laws that allow the medical industry to conduct its business in a way than no other business in America can… and as your article points out, our ability to trial and approve drugs and treatments is yet another stumbling block… Just because it is offered up in another country doesn’t mean that the research and hard graft wasn’t put in by medical research in the US…


I agree. It all is about profit though. How do we take out the profit? That is clearly the motivating factor…
Sorry, but I will never believe that people should be profitted off of, for something that, to me, should be guaranteed to everyone.
If we don’t care about the healthy-ness of citizens, we damn sure don’t care about the environment or any other thing.
This Crony Capitalism is destroying the world.


This is the thing… you will never have a government run research that is as broad and deep as the people who set out to find a cure for their ailing child… you will never have a government that will fund research and development of drugs that are very expensive but only help a few. You cannot guarantee innovation and innovation is what drives care up and costs down… minus the ‘crony’ part of that capitalism equation. Human nature is driven by survival and anyone who risks deserves the reward of their effort… your confetti throwing platitudes have proven just as disastrous in other ‘rights’ based entitlements… for welfare we have people trapped in the world of free with no will to escape … for ‘free’ healthcare we have people who know full well what continually filling their pie hole will do… but I can get a pill or lapband because its my ‘right’. People talk about having a healthy nation yet create policies that shield people from their own worst impulses… not unlike the bankbailout… not much was fixed in the banking industry… sometimes a little tough love goes a long way…


What do you suggest we nationalize all doctors and medical facilities as well as testing labs, pharma, etc?

Do you honestly think that the government can administer healthcare cheaper and will the sam fraud levels as business?


I don’t think the goverment can do much of anything in its condition.
Look at the ACA, it is nothing but a goverment handout to the private companies. It is Fascism. Not only do the American people pay/supplement people’s healthcare, but they also have to kick the profit margin to the private company.
I think you know that it is proven that it’s cheaper for preventative care, then having people show up at the emergency room.
You keep saying that this doesn’t work or won’t work.
What do you say to the rest od the civilized world that already has some form of Universal Healthcare.
America is FIRST in NOTHING anymore… Well EXCEPT the Military Industrial Complex. But our infrastructure, education, health, life expectancy, and Happiness have all been at the bottom for some time.
It seems that this great medical treatment we have is failing miserably.