Suggestion: Thread Discipline


@Patriot and friends

I’ve got a suggestion.

There have been a lot of great new threads lately but I’ve noticed that many of them have been similar in topic and theme. I think it would be helpful to start grouping them in some way. If it’s a thread related to the ACA repeal, why not just create one large thread for it? That way it would be easy for others who may not be familiar with the topic to get up to speed and discuss. Right now so many new threads get created that it’s hard to keep track of topics that are similar but require more research. I’m not a forum expert so I defer to @Patriot on the how-to or if what I am asking for is even worth it.

What does everyone think?

  • Keep similar threads separate
  • Group similar threads together into one thread

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Thanks for the recommendation @Millington

Creating a mega thread and merging older threads is easy for me to do administratively. I’m not necessarily opposed to creating mega threads, but I want to be sure that others will find this approach useful. Personally, I prefer mega threads because our software automatically remembers where each user left off on each thread they have read. If a user is making their way through the thread and takes a break for a few hours or a few weeks, they can pick up right where they left off. This makes mega threads manageable.

Conversely, if we continue the way we have been users can bookmark threads and return to them later. That keeps thing compartmentalized but allows the user the greatest control of what they read and come back to. It also means that users will have to search for things they may have missed. The only hiccup with this is that people may search for the same thing in different ways using different terms. I can help this along by having predefined meta tags. In the past everyone created their own meta tags, which leads to search variables. Our search is excellent, but if you want things to be more focused a pre-defined taxonomy (and a glossary) is a requirement…I would need volunteers for that.

Great suggestion! Let’s see what the poll tells us.


I selected to group the threads together but I think they should be very specific. Mega threads that are too general can get really difficult to follow. Not having pages here is a plus but the chance of a thread going way off topic goes up with any mega, at least from what I’ve seen. I’m no expert.


Meh…I think duplicates should be merged or deleted. That’s it. I don’t mind searching and bookmarking.


I have a suggestion. Why not pilot the idea? We can try picking a specific topic or theme and working through one of these mega threads. If it falls flat, at least we can say we tried it and didn’t like it. If it works then we can make it a part of the process.


@Millington beat me to it. I have long, like for about the last 30 years, found it quite frustration to discuss the same things over and over again…Most specifically on the same forum. Either the subject goes unresolved because someone wouldn’t engage or the thread was subverted in a totally new and unrelated direction (I am just as guilty as some on this account).
Think where I find the frustration is that, being a particularly US centric political forum, we do not get to the core of two things… 1) Do you even believe in the United States as a sovereign nation governed by the rule of law and 2) Just exactly are the bounds for the provisions of the US constitution. Without a coherent ‘meeting of the minds’ over these, even if we agree to disagree, we have no real understanding of each others language.

I don’t know how or if you can arrange a site to deal with that except perhaps for heavy moderation which you and I both believe is not good for a healthy meeting place. Debate sites are pretty good but requires only a couple of people to argue the question with everyone else refraining from comment and only voting for who put forth the best arguments.

I have tried on several occasions to post a thread purely for the exercise of bantering a specific idea that might cause people to examine their own beliefs…but as I said above, they are either ignored or subverted.


I created a thread the other day ‘Do You Support The ‘Living Constitution’?… Be careful how you answer. It posed a rather uncomfortable proposition that would affect both Democrats and Republicans… No Responses… Either no real interest in the core of what drives our constitutional republic… or the discomfort of admitting that you don’t really like your own opinion…

Don’t quite know what the answer is but dealing with the same fundamental subjects over and over again gets to be a drag particularly if laying out your position takes a rather long period of time…

I voted to keep simular threads together but just like my ‘Fake News’ thread… who would ever go to the beginning of that thread and reread all of the points made… very unlikely that anyone would… at least not for the ‘From The Left’ thread… its just too damn long :rofl:


I agree.

I like grouping so the board doesn’t get littered up with the same threads. It keeps a thread on a similar topic moving and if people want to respond to a new or old issue, they can.


Please merge. It will reduce information overload.


I agree with everyone who wants to create consolidated threads. I also would recommend that if someone posts something that they did not write themselves to please hit the quote button and provide a link. I’d also ask that if posting a story, share what YOU think about the story.


@Scott I will respond later today. I always enjoy sparring with you even though you do beat me SOME of the time :wink: