Support BDS. Long Live FREE Palestine!


Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land do not just amount to war crimes under international law, they violate fundamental principles of international law triggering additional responsibilities among all states.

Yet, for decades, Israel has openly defied international law by ruthlessly pursuing its settlement expansion.

Palestinian natural resources such as fertile land, water and minerals have been extensively and unlawfully appropriated to sustain the Israeli settlements. At the same time, Israel has imposed restrictions on Palestinians’ access to - and use of - water, land and other natural resources, as well as restricting Palestinians’ freedom of movement, tearing families apart, stopping farmers from accessing their farmland and preventing people getting to work or earning a living.

Over the years, as the Palestinian economy has steadily declined under the strain of these restrictions Israel has simultaneously built a multibillion-dollar business out of Palestinian suffering - exporting hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of settlement goods internationally each year.


This thriving enterprise helps to sustain the presence and the expansion of settlements and is a key driving force for the systematic violations we continue to witness against Palestinians today. For five decades, the world has stood by and watched as Israel has exploited Palestinian people, land and natural resources for profit to support its illegal settlement expansion, offering little more than condemnation of Israel’s unlawful acts.

Unless concerted international action is taken to stop and remove settlements, the already dire human rights situation for Palestinians in the occupied territories will only get worse.

Under international law, states have an obligation to recognise and to render aid or assistance to the illegal situation created by Israeli settlements - yet many states continue to allow imports from settlements and permit their companies to operate on occupied Palestinian land.

The vast majority of states, including all EU member states, publicly acknowledge Israeli settlements as illegal under international law and have been nearly unanimous in their condemnation of the settlement project.

There have also been many UN resolutions passed demanding an end to settlement construction and expansion. As early as 1980, UN Security Council Resolution 465 called on all states not to provide Israel with any assistance “to be used specifically in connection with settlements in the occupied territories”.

Yet, time and again, the global condemnation of Israel’s settlement policy has fallen on deaf ears. Israel has repeatedly made it clear that it couldn’t care less what the world thinks and is doggedly determined to continue its expansion of settlements in flagrant violation of international law.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech pledging his continued commitment to expanding settlements proves just that. Israel’s military-run Civil Administration is also set to approve thousands of new homes in existing settlements in the occupied West Bank announced earlier this year as well as plans to establish two new settlements, the first in years.


Palestine has never been a state. The Ottomans controlled the area starting in the 1500s, the British took it over the territory and named it Palestine in the 1920s. We all know what happened after that. There is no nation of Palestine either. I assume you know the difference between a nation and a state.


Palestinians were living in Palestine for 14 centuries as a nation of people.

Israelis came from Europe. big difference.


The Palestinians are lucky they haven’t been completely wiped off the map yet. Maybe the PLA should start seriously thinking about halting payments to families of terrorists.


The PLA continue to be the cowardly Iranian supported terrorists by killing innocent Iraeli citizens. They also receive US tax dollars while continuing their terrorism.They indoctrinate their children in the schools.They won’t recognize the futility of their actions.They may need to be treated like the cockroaches they are God bless Israel and Netanyahu.


Don’t forget Israel’s Arabs have it better than in their own country.The Israelis have made a modern western style country by themselves.The PLA would make it another third rate sharia law camel country
Let the6 PLA come and try to take it from the Israelis


The bias of the international community against the nation state of the Jewish people has been long standing and evident, especially at the UN.

If you check history, it’s older than 70 years, you may find the Israeli’s were settled on the land before the Palestinians.


Mr Axman must be a member or at least a sympathizer of the PLA . The BDS is pure BS!!! Israel is the strongest country in the world to chart their own despite Arab and Leftist opposition.Israel is in a fight every day for their citizens security.They have shown th9 world they are a compassionate country and are accepting Jews that have faced persecution in their home country.So Long Live Israel and President Netanyahu!!!


Perhaps the Palestinians should have negotiated in good faith and settled the issue decades ago. But no, forever the martyr. And no they will never get the west bank back at this point. The price you pay for stupidity.


No they have not. The Philistines were completely destroyed by the Romans there is not connection to the current Palestinians. They current so called “palestinians” are descendants from may arab countries. Jordan was carved out of the original partition plan to be a so-called “Palestinian” State so they have been given a state. Study real history and get the facts.


King David ruled the region around 1000 B.C. His son, who became King Solomon, is credited with building the first holy temple in ancient Jerusalem. In about 931 B.C., the area was divided into two kingdoms: Israel in the north and Judah in the south.

Want to try again???


You don’t know your history, Arthur. King David made Jerusalem his capital some 3,000 years ago. When Rome finally destroyed Jerusalem in 135 AD, the Romans renamed Judea and Samaria “Syria Palestina” as an insult to the Jews. This name evoked he ancient enemy of Israel–the Philistines. When Mark Twain wrote his book “Innocents abroad”, he went to Israel in the late 1800’s. He said it was a barren, desolate land where he saw 2 people and one tree. The so called “Palestinians” are ethnically Syrians, Arabs, Jordanians, Lebanese, and Egyptians. Arafat was Egyptian. The same British mandate that gave Israel back her land was the same one that created the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, but I guess you won’t have problems with that, will you? Also, show me a Palestinian language, archeological proof, name its capital, name its currency, show writings, pottery, ANYTHING to shore up your anti-Semitic b.s. attitude.


Who in America is happy the Palestinians receive millions of US taxpayers money rewarding them for killing innocent Israeli citizens . President Trump is Absolutely correct in wanting to cut off funding until they sit at the table and actually have a Meaningful negotiation process with Israel
But I have a better chance of walking on the moon before that happens .