Supreme Court allows President Trump's travel ban to go FULLY into effect!


This ought to send a message to the 9th Circuit to STFU !!!


Yipes, the panties are in a twist now.


Now that the Supreme Court has approved the travel ban, it’s time to start adding more countries to the list.

The entire Middle East and all of Africa would be a good start.


It’s about time! Now, lets make it permanent before we go the way of Western Europe. They have no chance. If it were not for the second amendment, we would have suffered the same fate long ago. Don’t mess with people in the heartland.


Shocking. A president can actually exercise powers that are clearly laid out for him in the constitution and further enumerated in the United States Code.

But didn’t Liberal experts said that was wrong, or, something?


Hey asshole leftards hiding here…embrace the suck!


The same liberals who are crying over the travel ban are the same people who think an illegal getting away with murdering Kate Steinle is a victory. Think about that.


Now that the SC has made their decision, I think the travel ban is too weak. As our President, he has the power to ban whoever, and whenever, I read somewhere. So why are the leftists allowed to obstruct his efforts? I’m also in favor of every refugee being required to show up at the immigration office in the state that they reside for vetting starting immediately.


Of course in the 7-2 vote, the holdouts were the usual suspects of Ginsburg and Sotomayor. Ginsburg in her opposition brief sent out a clear dog whistle to every liberal judge in the country that the Supreme Court would have to review any case brought before it in this issue…


I agree , it’s about time we use common sense when it comes to allowing people from terrorist Countries into OUR Country !


The liberals have allowed so many to skip the line when it comes to immigration , it’s time to deport and extreme vetting to take place .


One old as dirt and the other an Affirmative Action product ! TERM LIMITS !!!


The left will pout over this… but given the last vote on this subject was 7 to 2 … Perhaps as the articles title says… it’s time for the 9th and 4th circuit courts to pack it in…