Supreme Court Pick Brett Kavanaugh


Of course not… but what you have one side (primarily because the other side already got their butts kicked during the 60’s and 70’s) either interpreting the Constitution in a fashion that appears totally in error to what other people read or as comments from the Democrats main leadership indicate their frustration with the constitution in passing their vision of America, you are likely to continue to see these kinds of votes. I would never want to compromise in the middle with a position that shouldn’t be on the table in the first place.


Well there you have it then. They should both change the rules back to a 60 vote majority.


That still doesn’t fix someone trying to put unconstitutional legislation in the mix… nor does it actually manage to get an inept congress to do anything productive…


No, returning to the rational, logical 60 vote doesn’t fix everything. But I’m sick and tired of the partisan divide and the Schumer/McConnel changes exacerbated the problem.


It is enlightening to look at how the GOP was willing to hold their collective noses and vote in Kagan, then Sotomayor - because that’s part of their jobs. The dems are so wrapped up in their prolonged Trump-trum that they refuse to work with the GOP.

The difference between McConnel and Schumer is that McConnel was willing to do his job for the American people, and not kowtow to the fringe element of his party.


They both screwed us and fueled partisan polarization by changing the rules to a simple majority. And Dems have held their noses and confirmed some people they didn’t want to also.


Fringe Element?.. who might they be in the Republican party… White Supremisists… or people who want immigration under control?


Sorry but things like this drive partisanship:

Rosenstein, who lost his cool at times, raised his voice and wagged his finger while defending himself and the department against allegations of stonewalling. The Justice Department officials claimed despite Republican allegations, he was “not trying to hide anything.”

“We are not in contempt of this Congress, and we are not going to be in contempt of this Congress,” Rosenstein told lawmakers.

Underscoring their merited frustration, Republicans briefly put the hearing on hold so they could approve a resolution on the House floor demanding that the Justice Department turn over thousands of documents within a seven day period.

Their is clearly divided intent between democrats sitting on vital justice committees who cheer people like Peter Strzok as a hero and the other side that want to see documents that are clearly part of their job of oversight… Perhaps we should let 60 votes kill all oversight by congress. Dems know that they are on the ropes over so many things and they are working hand in hand with people in government who do not like the elected president to derail any and all investigations that aren’t about convicting Trump. This latest indictment kind of makes the entire reason for the creation of a special council disappear… unless Trump University trained the Russian government hackers. Yet to be proven is that their intent was to support Trump or just divide the country as they have been attempting to do for decades…


Not sure I understand. Are you suggesting that an impeachment of Rosenstein drives partisanship??

Anyway, between the fact that Russia certainly interfered with our elections, Trump quite openly invited their help with his televised appeal for them to provide Clinton’s 30,000 missing emails, and the exceedingly odd relationship that Trump has with Russia (not just as president) and his belligerence in meeting with Putin one on one with no notes, no cameras and no reporters, there’s plenty of well placed suspicion, and we still don’t know what Mueller’s piecing together from the outside in. You, quite obviously will fall on your sword for Trump, but the majority of us aren’t buying what he’s peddling, and we want to see Mueller’s investigation to its completion, and will. Or like even Lindsey Graham declared, “there will be hell to pay”.


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When president Trump get his THIRD pick you will run around like you have mad cow affliction ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


No… it would take a partisan view and a majority vote to see Rosenstein successfully impeached. The left and a segment of the right still reside in the #nevertrump world and will do anything to support that proposition. Rosenstein and Mueller and Comey have clear conflicts of interest in this case that the left would jump all over had this been about a democratic administration. As far as trumps ‘come on comment’… it would have been after the fact 'has Russia actually hacked the emails’

I read an interesting albit biased article from a Philly local paper.

In it, it made this comment about the Mueller investigation:

“It’s standard practice to start at the outside of the misconduct and work towards the center,” said David Kris, who oversaw national security matters at the Justice Department in the Obama administration. “Depending on what other evidence Mueller has, it might start to look like the walls are starting to close in on the president and his closest associates.”

See… when I read things like this, it is clear to me that the target of this grand show was never Russia, or the damage they may or may not have done to our electoral process (has I have repeatedly said, they have been doing that for decades)… it was all about nullifying the election and destroying this president… and while you may not like Donald Trump, you should shutter at the shear audacity of a governments intent to overturn an election that does not suit its agenda.

I’m not falling on anything for Trump… from the very beginning and continuing through the last indictment, no cooperation, coordination or collusion is or has been attested… the closest we get to Trump being a bad guy her is that he is being investigated for ‘Obstruction’… Obstruction of what? I can most certianly see him or any president’s frustration at being tried in the press every single day when you we elected to do something other than defend your legitimacy…


If Mueller produces evidence that Trump and his campaign worked with Russia to his benefit, to swing the vote to him, I shutter to think that he will have been in power in sync with Russians for two years before being removed and prosecuted…or worse, that a Republican Congress would refuse to remove him for their own political expedience.

Again, Trump very publicly invited Russia to find and reveal HRC’s emails. There is nothing clearer than that.


Yet you just acknowledged above that Mueller’s investigation would have started on the outside and moved toward the center and be close to closing in on the president. Which would mean that his indictments/charges haven’t been finalized and publicized yet, so quite naturally you wouldn’t yet have seen anything on Trump.

There’s a lot of noise right now that Roger Stone will soon be inducted, and New York is still combing through the president’s long time lawyers many phones, lap tops and PC’s and compiling a case with him and any crimes that point to Trump.

And let’s not forget Bannon’s Outgoing comment, it’s the money laundering. Which is as believable as anything with Trump given the fact that he ruined his credit with American banking institutions and had to look abroad for financing and settled on Russia of all corrupt places. :wink:

So…I understand the angst, but be patient.



He also said just a public ally that he wasn’t convinced that Russia interfered in those elections. We hear a lot of people lately making rather rhetorical comments and then begging forgiveness. My point in the quote is that the special councils creation and mandate was never about Russian interference… it was never about vote manipulation… it was always about getting rid of Trump… Those concentric circles the persons talks about has Trump at the epicenter… Not finding out about if or how Russia interfered which any reasonable person would assume that they did but about removing Trump.

Look, Trump is a deal breaker for a lot of monied interests… he is a deal breaker for the ‘global initiative’… he is a deal breaker for the concentration of power in the European Commission. People don’t want the problems he uncovers when he kicks over rocks… It is interesting to me that someone who doesn’t want continued American imperial aspirations doesn’t want someone to build a solid, independent and not interventionist nation… Perhaps the America you see is one that has been absorbed by the rest of the world…


Lmao, yep, a strange thing for you to be drawing attention to again considering literally everybody else that matters, knows that they did. And, Pompeo, Sessions, Pence and Haley all have had harsh criticisms for Russia’s interference in our elections. Also, in a very near unanimous vote, congress passed legislation to punish Russia for their interference in our elections with punitive sanctions.


I don’t acknowledge anything other than the premise of his appointment was to build a case to overturn the election… Real evidence or not. We seem to no longer talk about the FISA warrants and the actual merits of the dirty dossiers… If their was no valid reason for his commission they we are having the wrong discussion.

Oh… you mean that raid really wasn’t about hookergate?..

You made a comment that (I paraphrase) you like many others are not fooled about Trump. Exactly when did you reach nirvana… when he announced?.. won the primary?.. or beat the one person in America that actually did collude with the very organization that was support to treat her equally with Sanders to steal his election prospects?..


And yet oddly enough you can point to NOTHING that lays out that premise. But even if you could, Sessions, Comey, Rosenstien, Panuccio, Francisco, Mueller, ALL REPUBLICANS. So if there is and was from the beginning a conspiracy, it’s from within the mans own party. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’ve long stated, as you well know, that HRC cheated Sanders, and that just lays one more issue on the table that that crook should be locked up for. Oddly though, Trump NEVER intended to do that and said so at a rally just weeks after being elected and before he was even inaugurated. The dudes a real charlatan, but he’s your charlatan…