Supreme Court rules states can legalize sports betting, strikes down anti-gambling law


The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a federal law barring sports gambling, in a sweeping decision that could soon lead to legalized sports betting in dozens of states.
The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.
With all the BINGO , lottery , mega millions , powerball , superbowl pools , and places like Las Vegas it seemed such a BS law when every State had one form of gambling happening at all times . Thoughts ???


I embrace the notion of personal responsibility. Just because some in government don’t like gambling doesn’t mean it should be forbidden.

This also will make a dent in the illcit gambling markets that are pretty much everywhere.


By forbidding something in an area just allows those that have it far more profitable . Reminds me of the ONLY permit issued in Alabama . A firm partly owned by the son-in-law of Alabama Gov. George Wallace got a state permit for a hazardous waste landfill in 1977 ! He became a multi- millionaire !


Yep. Can’t forget about the obvious corruption angle. I’m sure that even if sports gambling is allowed nation wide there will still be a regulatory process that makes it impossible for the little guy to compete. Those connected politically have to get their share first.


I hope there’s a provision to combat point shaving and fixing horse racing. This has known to happen with ILLEGAL sports betting. :heart_eyes:


I didn’t know that still existed. You mean…we can make decisions without the government telling us what to do and how to do it? When did this happen?


Will I be able to legally bet on March Madness and College Football Playoff games and if so, how do we prevent unpaid athletes from throwing games?


Good! I’m not a gambler, but there is no legitimate interest for the federal government to ban gambling. But I hope that any state that does legalize it would plan for public health campaigns to keep gambling addictions in check.


I think if one wants to bet on their home teams , why not ??


Ending one’s career should do the trick .


To my knowledge, parimutuel betting on horses has been legal for decades, if not centuries. Sports betting has been legal in Nevada for decades.

Fixing of sports events has been around likely since betting on them came into being. Boxers take a dive, horses get doped…either to perform poorly or exceptionally well.

Where there is a gambling system, there will be those who attempt to diminish the effect of chance and replace it with surety.

I have a seen a double headed quarter…and a loaded pair of dice…and a deck of marked cards.


Offer them more to win than others offer them to sandbag.:innocent:


Pete Rose would agree with you.


Like you said gambling has been around for years BUT only certain States were allowed to offer it . So if one is intent on cheating it will happen and has happened , just look at the lottery several computer software guys were arrested for rigging the numbers , in horse racing a group of software guys were playing pick 6 in horse racing and were able to play every horse in the pick 6 , then go back and eliminate the losing horses to the winning horse thus getting 6 correct horses in a row with payoffs in the hundreds of thousands BUT they got greedy and on a big racing day they had the pick 6 several times which is near impossible so they got caught ,