Surprise! Africans Are Starving Again


How many times have the globalists and their camp followers held concerts and told people "this is worst mass starvation in Africa EVER due to drought (it’s always “worst drought in 100 yrs”)), civil war, crop failures, etc?? Now this one is “the worst since 1945?”

At what point can we just admit that all of Africa need to be sterilized? We’re right on the cusp of an extinction-level event in Africa from too many people and not enough resources. In 50 years, animals like giraffes, apes, (rhinos already basically gone thanks to Chinese) will all be gone. And not a single news outlet will admit the problem. We (very, very stupidly) brought them Western medicine so rather than them having 12 kids and 10 dying, 11 of the 12 are now living.

And, just as Gaddafi predicted, they are “turning Europe black” as well as destroying their own homes.
Might sound defeatist, but I’m at the point where I never want kids unless I ended up living in Australia or maybe Uruguay, which is supposedly very White. Imagine what Europe and the US will be like in 50 years?

Back to topic of thread:

"UN: World facing greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945
11 March 2017
From the section Africa

The world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since 1945, the United Nations says, issuing a plea for help to avoid “a catastrophe”.

UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien said that more than 20 million people faced the threat of starvation and famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria.

Unicef has already warned 1.4m children could starve to death this year.

Mr O’Brien said $4.4bn (£3.6bn) was needed by July to avert disaster.

“We stand at a critical point in history,” Mr O’Brien told the Security Council on Friday. “Already at the beginning of the year we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the United Nations.”

"Now, more than 20 million people across four countries face starvation and famine. Without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death. Many more will suffer and die from disease.

“Children stunted and out of school. Livelihoods, futures and hope will be lost. Communities’ resilience rapidly wilting away. Development gains reversed. Many will be displaced and will continue to move in search for survival, creating ever more instability across entire regions.”

Mr O’Brien’s comments follow on from a similar appeal made by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres last month.

At that time, he revealed the UN had only received $90m (£74m) so far in 2017, despite generous pledges.
Like Mr O’Brien, he urged more financial support for the four countries. But why are they in such dire need?"


On our other board we had a few decent threads on South Africa and Rhodesia in last few months. I never realized, the US gives billions of our shekels to the black South Africans (for them to steal at least half of it) so they can use other half to feed their starving blacks. And after Mugabe in Zimbabwe kicked out his White farmers? Yes, the US stepped in and fed those blacks too rather than allowing the population to be culled.

Here you go. within century, 50% of all fauna extinct. But of course, they don’t dare mention reason:


For all the fake outrage bullshit over “climate change,” this could genuinely cause catastrophes in ways we can’t even imagine. You remove 50% of animals from their habitat, there is a ripple effect on entire eco-system across the planet.

Wish I could find an article from a few years ago that was on…I think it was actually on “The Guardian” by a guy who was talked by the Bob Geldoff into doing one of the “Aid for Africa” things in the 1980s. He points out that 30 years later, feeding them only doubled the population and made for a lot more hungry beggars that now need feeding, and this process is going to just go on interminably.


I wouldn’t be surprised if people in Germany, Sweden and the UK get an infux of african rapefugees until there is a civil war which will claim many lives as all other globalist instigated wars.


The problems stem from stupid aid programs of the West that were largely unwanted by Africans, resulted in fighting over the foodstuffs shipped in, and a population explosion that continues to this day.

Even the Muslim world is seeing fertility decrease as people realize they will go nowhere with 12 kids, and that indeed “Allah will not provide.” Africa is the lone continent where the population is growing. One can and must expect starvation will be the result; we will also see more wars and AIDS epidemics.

It is the same patronizing White Bwanaa concept that ruins everyplace it ‘helps’. No one wants children to die, yet every time the West floods in aid, the population again explodes, and all the other problems become worse by magnitude.

Charity lets people who want to be ‘special’ from afar feel ever so special and holy by throwing a bit of their latte money at the destitute, convincing themselves that they are solving, rather than exacerbating the problem. They also castigate anyone who questions this as “cruel”, “greedy”, “heartless” etc. etc. etc.

This has been the operating principal in our urban hellholes (substitute 1 trillion tax dollars for ‘latte money) throw money at it, without demand or even expectation of improvement, chastise any GOP concerns as “racist”, “greedy” etc. and voila, a hellscape where liberals can point and declare "behold, what an evil GOP has wrought, when it is clearly the work of Democrats. Now certain posters here are echoing the past failure and demanding more taxes be sent there "to tide them over’ until they decide to get their act together (surely by 2417).

Africa will not improve until its population explosion is brought under control. And the more we send there, the longer that will take.


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