Suspect Mohammed Mohammed arrested after allegedly trying to run over Jewish pedestrians in LA

Oy, where is the MSMs on this “hate” crime?

Police are investigating an incident after a suspect named Mohammed Mohammed reportedly attempted to ram a group of Jewish pedestrians in Los Angeles with his car.

Authorities are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime, according to KCBS-TV.

The incident — which was caught on surveillance video — took place Friday night in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles when the suspect pulled a hard U-turn in the road and reportedly targeted Jewish pedestrians with the vehicle.

Authorities arrested Mohammed on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

The station spoke to one of the victims, who requested anonymity. The victim, who was with a friend, explained the chaos at the scene. The incident took place on the Sabbath, a day of religious observance, on a busy corner near several synagogues.

“We both scrambled in different directions, so [the suspect] slammed on his brakes and missed us, thank God,” the victim said.

When the suspect was apparently unable to strike the pedestrians, he reportedly made another attempt, according to a second video of the incident.

The victim added that the suspect was “clearly going at us, and it was even more clear on round two.”

“Why he chose us? Probably because of the yarmulkes on our heads,” the victim mused. “This guy had a thirst for blood on his fingers. You could clearly see in his face that he wanted to do something.”

The unnamed victim later said that he and his friend were lucky to avoid injury, or worse, death. “There definitely was a God watching us,” the victim said.

According to the station, a witness snapped a photo at the scene. A Koran sat on the dashboard of the suspect’s vehicle.

Michael Schwartz, a neighbor, said that he feels that violence is ramping up.

“I think this is just a much more violent, scary world than we all thought it was,” he explained. “We had a few years of civility after the Holocaust, and now that window is closing.”

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Sounds like someone who wants love & tolerance, maybe even throws around terms like “Islamophobia”, but doesn’t want to extend it. Why am I not surprised?

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So far, I saw an internet report from cnn and CBS. MSNBC… quiet as a mouse.

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That’s one helluva name…nothing to see here folks, just another follower of the religion of peace doing his duties as a follower of said religion

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Fake News. Jews don’t believe in God.