Sweden: The Collapse Has Begun




The army may be called in to halt a gang surge in immigrant areas.

The blast was so powerful that it shook windows a mile away. Ahmad’s first thought was that someone had thrown yet another bomb at the police.

He was right. On Wednesday night an explosive device was hurled at the police station in Rosengard, a troubled area of Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city.

Attacks on the police are increasingly frequent. Rosengard’s force works from a black fortress of reinforced concrete with narrow windows and a 10ft-high electric fence.

“I knew it was a bomb again,” said Ahmad, 53, who lives in the area with his wife and their four teenage children.

Sweden is among the world’s safest, richest and best-run countries enjoying steady growth and rising employment. But it has been experiencing an unprecedented surge of gang shootings, bombings, and sexual assaults.

Full article of Sunday Times here: https://imgur.com/a/FX1L8


The countries that have participated in the crimes committed across the Middle East are reaping what they sow.

Iraq war: ‘Neutral Sweden’s participation in US bombing of Baghdad civilian shelters!!!


They are reaping precisely what progressive bleeding hearts have imposed on them… Opening their doors as if no evil exists in the world was naive stupidity in the first order… You can arm wave all you want about what has happened in the ME but the fact is, the only countries seeing a large uptick in this kind of societal upheaval are the ones who open their borders and welcome in a culture than has little comparability with the West. Russia was certainly more involved int eh ME than Sweden but they don’t seem to have a twisted clash of cultures as is quite apparent in the likes of Sweden, Germany, France and increasingly in the US.



If Sweden does not scrape out the liberals and One World Clowns, remove all muzzies from their country, Sweden will fall and be extinguished from history as all failed nations have been erased. They must choose their own people or the invaders, they cannot choose both and survive.


Sweden is a conquered country by the Muslim immigrants that were welcomed in by it’s useful idiot politically correct leaders.


Five men have been convicted of murders in the Hallongbergen suburb of Stockholm, where in early 2017 a man was killed then a couple subsequently murdered after one of them provided a witness account regarding the first incident.


Of course their are three wars going on in the world and I am afraid that Sweden is gripped by all three

Nationallism vs Globalism

Communism vs Capitalism

and a three way war between Christianity, Secularism and Islam…

Fighting cultural shifts on one front is tough but on three? I think the minute we bought into the ill-considered concept of ‘peaceful coexistence’ between Communism and Capitalism the seeds were sown for all of this because as we know, communism cannot exist anywhere if their is a capitalist choice somewhere else… communism must live in a secular state… and Islam will exploit the weakness of a secular society not grounded in Christian values…


Sweden is on the verge of complete societal break down. Just a matter of time. I’ve met a lot of Swedes over my travels around the world for my job, and 99.9% of them are flaming libcucks. Sorry to any Swedes on here, but holy shit I’ve never seen a people more indoctrinated in my life. Absolutely no opinions of their own, just parroting their government and media.


Like liberals here in the US?