Sweden to introduce law requiring written consent to have sex


Sweden is moving closer to making changes to its rape laws that would require people to get explicit consent before sexual contact.

The deputy prime minister, Isabella Lövin, said the recent #metoo anti-harassment campaign had “shown that there is a need” for the new legislation, which was expected to be approved on Thursday in parliament.

Under current Swedish law someone can be prosecuted for rape only if it has been proved that they used threats or violence. Under the proposal, rape could be proved if the accuser hadn’t given their explicit written agreement or clearly demonstrate their desire to engage in sexual activity.

The prime minister, Stefan Löfven, said his coalition had been preparing the “historic reform” since taking power in 2014.

In Sweden, the prosecution must present evidence to the court proving beyond reasonable doubt that the accused has committed the crime. Following the changes to the law, the prosecution will have to present evidence demonstrating that the sexual act was not consensual.

Addressing victims, Löfven said: “Society is standing by your side.”

If the bill is approved, it would go into effect on 1 July.

The proposal is part of a series of initiatives being put forward. Others would make it illegal for Swedes to hire prostitutes abroad, and increase sentences for offenders. Buying sex in Sweden is already illegal.

Critics say the proposal wouldn’t result in more convictions.


LOL, I’m sure their new refugees will all say please first.



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The culture in Sweden is beyond repair. Adding paperwork to the process is going to do nothing to stop the rape epidemic. Only mass deportations or public executions will begin to turn things around. Until that starts happening Swedish women will continue to be beaten and raped in public.

If you want to see how fucked up Sweden is. This is their number one pop song right now. It’s called “smoke weed and eat pussy everyday” by a native Swedish woman.


They are illiterate anyway, so they will be acquitted.


Sweden has become the Muslim shithole of Europe.

Disaster doesn’t begin to describe Sweden’s so-called “government.” They should all be dragged out and shot down to the last desk clerk as punishment for the untold agonies they have caused. Liberalism unleashed.


Gang rapes are just part and parcel of living as a white woman in Sweden:

The BASED haji who produced this documentary has been murdered. He wanted to expose the connections between George Soros and the Swedish establishment.

Swedish men must physically remove or continue repeating the cycle.


Rape in Sweden can be having sex with two different women within 4 weeks. This causes butthurt when the woman realizes that she is not as unique and special and develops regret rape.

Julian Assange found this out, it’s essentially what happened to him.


The gaslighting is intolerable; if one didn’t know better he would think that this is a male phenomenon when it is clearly a non-Swede problem. The decent, civilized men (albeit effeminate) of Sweden are being told they’re degenerate rapists, while the foreigners are granted mercy because of ‘muh oppression’ or whatever.

These subhumans know exactly what they’re doing, and they do it anyway and laugh at us. What about flash beatings: a group of Swedes targets a migrant, beats him mercilessly and then disperses quickly. Is it viable retaliatory option that would register in the minds of sub-IQ migrants; could it gather momentum?


How did a viking country that conquered and pillaged the world have its men turn into a bunch of pathetic self-loathing betas.


That’s an easy one @Hoosier

  • Militant Feminism
  • Far-Left Liberalism

Rinse and repeat.