Sweden Yes! Grave of Ebba Akerlund vandalized twice in July


For the second time in a short period of time, Ebba’s tomb has been vandalised at the Adolf Fredriks Cemetery. In addition to the stolen birds on the tombstone, flowers are broken, lanterns crushed and everything delicate classmates and other mourners laid by the grave are thrown away. Why?

Who would do such an evil thing?

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It’s just increasingly clear that the US and it’s European allies fvcked with the Middle East one too many times. I’m not sure of how or if this Jeanie gets put back into the bottle. It’s the pottery barn rule, you break it you own it and we’ve broken it and it’s been costing dearly.


Man…get the fuck outta here with that stupid bullshit. An 11 year old girl in Sweden getting run over and dismembered by some inbred dunecoon has nothing to do with the United States. It has everything to do with Sweden selling out their own people to play the diversity game. A game where the only people who lose are the native whites. What kind of sick stupid fuck looks at that picture and blames the US? How about you blame the Muslim coward faggot that sat in the driver’s seat and put his foot on the gas. Fuck you.


Another tough little internat gal hiding behind her screen. Nice, hope you feel better getting that off your chest. Now you can become part of the solution and lobby for better foreign policy, or continue to support one ignorant and gratuitous war after another in the ME led by the US and followed by our European allies, and continue to create more pissed off muslim refugees that are going to come to your hometown and chop your head off. Take your pick.


If that dunecoon hadn’t been in Sweden in the first place then that girl would be 12 years old today. The US didn’t put him there. These “migrants” are not victims of war. They are lazy stupid fucks who are going to Europe for the free welfare and the rapeable pussy. I’d gladly be a part of the solution. If you want to get on your knees with a Refugees Welcome shirt on and start servicing these poor grown children then that’s on you. If you want to give them your little boipussy then have at it. Be a champ. But don’t even try to speak with any authority on this issue because you obviously have some bullshit anti-American agenda. The US didn’t cause the migrants to flood into Europe. The US doesn’t control EU immigration policies.


Yes of course. I’ve addressed that, shrug.


Oh no, I’m not sharing in your folly. I’ve oppossed every refugee creating senseless war that the US has engaged in in the ME. These are yours…


Just reply on a single post!


Care to quote me stating anything like that, hmm? What I clearly said is that the US has engaged the stupid wars that are creating refugees. There’s an epidemic 65 million this year, a world record with the majority of them coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen. All the places that the US is engaged in military adventurism. You want something different, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! It’s not rocket science.


Just mind your business!!! And discuss the topic.


Ummm, no sweetie. The US didn’t create the religion of peace. Muslims are already pissed off and violent no matter where they are. It’s their culture.



But I never made that claim. Why the straw man, hmm? And you can cease with the condescension. Act like an adult.


This thread was actually about defacing the grave of a child victim of Islamic terrorism.


Yep, we don’t like that do we, was probably the point! Want something different, do something different, otherwise they’ll continue coming to chop your head off.


Many of the 3rd world migrants who are presently in Europe, and are causing great trouble, have scarcely anything to do with any wars in the Middle East or elsewhere for that matter. They are emphatically not refugees. Make what you will of America’s foreign policy, the real culprit is the culture in countries like Sweden and Germany, the kind of culture where you take a bearded man at his word when he tells you he’s actually only 14 years old.

Those migrants harbor some egregious illusions when they arrive on European soil. They see their German neighbor, with his big house, blonde wife, and great car, and they feel like they’re entitled to enjoy the same quality of life. When they’re not granted their wish, they retaliate. In their culture, retaliation means besmirching the honor of the men by sexually harassing their women. (In this case, we’re talking about European women, who are already perceived as whores who sleep around and dress immodestly, and thus shouldn’t be respected in any event.)


I’m sorry, but you need to look at the numbers that coincide with the military adventurism in the ME, over the last 15 years. The majority of those that have migrated/sought refuge in Europe are during this period. It doesn’t matter though. I’m so tired of watching people bang their heads against the wall doing the same thing over and over. The refugees are in record numbers and they won’t stop coming and they won’t stop terrorizing those that have participated in the demise of their homelands. Have at it Schlimazel. Say, I thought you were the one that supported Ron Paul, the only guy that understood and promoted the same thing that I am here???


Here you describe two cultures that clash. The white Europeans that lost all sense of modesty, propriety and chastity, long ago, against a culture in so many ways is centuries behind. Stop following the US into one gratuitous war after another that creates the refugees to begin with.


Yet even as the administration rails against refugees, it continues to participate in the ongoing global warfare — much of it under the so-called “war on terror” — that perpetuates the refugee crisis. It’s long past time to critically examine our country’s role in forced migration.
The war on terror began in 2001, the same year as the first World Refugee Day. Since then, the U.S. has played a significant role in the displacement of people around the world — especially in the Middle East and neighboring areas, where we’ve almost exclusively pursued a policy of war and militarism. We’ve launched “regime change” operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, and bombing campaigns in Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.
This past April, President Donald Trump’s continuation of the war on terror included dropping “the mother of all bombs” on Afghanistan, where the U.N. counts 2.7 million refugees. Together with Syria and Somalia, two other countries the U.S. has active military operations in, those three states account for over half of all people displaced outside their home countries.
For many, the alternative to displacement is death. Physicians for Social Responsibility and its international partners produced a report in 2015 estimating that 1.3 million Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis have died in the course of the war on terror.


I actually support Ron Paul’s views on the desirable American foreign policy. I agree that it’s been a disaster. If I were an American citizen, I’d want the troops back home, too. Intervene if and only if America is under threat. However, this does nothing to absolve the European nations of their responsibility for the heart-rending situation in present-day Europe. Swedes and Germans aren’t suffering primarily because of something America did; they’re suffering primarily because of something their own respective governments did. Did you perchance read anything about the BAMF scandal in Germany?


Ok, well that was his main shtick and the only reason that I supported a republican first time ever. He understood destructive USFP in the ME going back to the First World War on thru. And of course he understood the beneficiaries to it as well.