Swedish activist who prevented aircraft from taking off over migrant deportation - now facing prison


Prosecutors are planning to prosecute 21-year-old Elin Ersson, who prevented the expulsion of an abusive Afghan by standing in the plane and stopping it from lifting.

It was on Monday, July 24th, when sociology student Elin Ersson decided that a plane scheduled to fly from Landvetter to Istanbul needed to be stopped, because the government of Sweden was in the process of expelling an Afghan man.

Elin Ersson managed to delay the plane and prevent the expulsion of the 52-year-old Afghan detained man.

Now prosecutor James von Reis explained that police investigations against Ersson determined that she had committed a crime.

“It is quite clear that there is an offense objectively,” said von Reis to SVT .

The crime that Elin Ersson is suspected of committing is a violation of the Aviation Act, which may impose fines or imprisonment for up to six months.

Ersson documented the event by live streaming on social media so she could virtue siganl at maximum volume.


Her worst crime, of course, is not the violation of the aviation law but against the people of the North when she is fighting for a racial offender, female trafficker and rapist to be in Sweden. She definitely needs to learn more about multiculturalism on a personal level. The legal process against her does not necessarily lead to any particular punishable sanctions.


She needs to learn that she is not above the law even if she doesn’t like it. She should be told to either sit down or get off the plane. If she doesn’t, then she should be removed by force.


maybe the little Swedish princess activists can protest against the pigs who are raping and assaulting her fellow women in her country or does their lives and well being not matter?

She pissed off because some guy got deported?

By the way the story goes the man she was attempted to stop the deportation was convicted for beating his wife and child , particularly after his bid for asylum was denied.

Is this the kind of man you want to defend ms activist?

I wonder if she is in the process of changing her name to some Muslim name and fight for the men who abuse women and children



How’s the old saying go? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


How did I miss this? When this first happened I was thinking to myself that this just had to be illegal. What gave her the right to throw a temper tantrum like a little spoiled bitch and prevent the plane from taking off? maybe Sweden should just do her a favor and ship her off to Afghanistan or she can be a “bride” to a bunch of backwards goat herders.