Swing-vote Justice Kennedy retires from US Supreme Court


Why would God out of everyone protect “LGBTQ” communities? He has no interest in your sodomite club!


I know you want to see it as some sort of balanced tit for tat but can you name me the number of police cars burned by them reprehensible ‘Alt righties’… or the number of cops ambushed by the right or the number of campus’ burned by the right preventing someone with an opposing view to speak… or the number of times the right has banned together as a group, dawned masked and clubbed people at an otherwise peaceful, sanctioned demonstration…


Still holding your breath for that eventual nullification of the election Huh… must be turning pretty darn blue by now.


Yes let’s plat that gam which was played in 2010 a swing year with Kagan.

We don’t want to nominate on in a presidential election year and now not in a non presidential year. Should the next be we shouldn’t nominate a SCOTUS because it’s an off year?

The big boy pants needs to be pulled up in both parties.


LOL, he has no interest in any club.

Last time I checked he was kind of looking at people as individuals.


And Mueller will likely be on the public dole for the next 2 years so should government stop while he collects his government welfare check?

Maybe he can indict a cheese sandwich as he already took care of the ham sandwich.


Ok, I see that but I’m uncertain how it relates to presidential appoints for SCOTUS relevant McConnels claims for election year.


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Try bending over and say president Trump is my DADDY !!!:wink::laughing::laughing:
Now when in the hell is the old battle axe Ruth Ginsburg going to die ??? My God she can barely stay awake ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Surly you jest ?
Midterms as opposed to a Presidential election .


Both can be very influential on confirmations and McConnel was the one that made the issue of election year, without a caveat.


I must correct you they will definitely lose anyway. And if they follow your advice, they will look like hyper- partisans more interested in control than the issues they make up and grandstand about.

Anyone can fight; that doesn’t make them right, or make them even look right.

The GOP knows (as do Independents) that:

  1. No matter what, the Dems will drag any nominee through the muck- real or invented.


  1. #1 holds regardless of whether the GOP waits until after the midterms.

So you see comrade, the GOP has zero incentive to wait.

I am amused by your likening of Dem. strategists to fictional mobsters- Freudian slip anyone?.

And just think…


For all of you Demosocialicommunistas with your undies even more bunched than usual, let’s look at actual (rather than revisionist) history…

Uncle Joe ‘get your filthy paws off my wife’) Biden first demanded that no SCOTUS candidate put forth by Bush in his last year be considered - so was his dictum, so it was done.

When Dems became frustrated with Republicans ‘blocking’ (#resisting?) judicial nominations of ‘Allahu’ Obama; Harry Reid created the ‘nuclear option.’ McConnel implored Democrats not to do this, that “you will regret doing so, and that may be sooner than you think.” Even Chucky da’ rat’ Schumer now says he was “against it” - and went with it anyway.

Amid wailing and gnashing of teeth of Democrats, in 2016, the GOP refused to consider to give consideration or hearing or vote to Merrick Garland. The reason? A Presidential election year, the same reason Biden used.

It was a dangerous strategy, as all the pollsters and media predicted a blue wave sweeping Hillary Clinton and her flying monke- er, colleagues into power. Had HRC won, and the Dems won, you can bet we’d be looking at a ‘no Whites need apply, no males need apply, no centrists need apply, must have at least five years of membership in a hard left organization,’ etc. list of nominees. Their choice would make “wise latina” Sotomayor look like Antonin Scalia.

Trump won. The GOP won. Hillary lost. The Democrats lost.

What McConnel warned about, and what Schumer now says he worried about has come to pass. As Rev. Wright shouted “da chickens have come home to roost!”

Pissing and moaning won’t make your mommy stop feeding you your own medicine. Perhaps you should consider putting forth a message besides 'if you don’t agree with us you are a horrible person!"

The GOP will put in the next SCOTUS judge;
if the Dems do their little #resist dance, independents (45% per Monte) will see them as whiny partisans.
If they honestly try to work with the GOP to get a moderate, center right pick, they will look like statesmen/women/its.
If they think they can threaten and bully the populace into siding with them, well…


But here’s news for you, neither Biden nor McConnell make the rules. The constitution does, and its silent on the issue of appointments during an election year!!! So, Biden was wrong, and McConnell was wrong. Let’s get on with an appointment and confirmation of Kennedy’s replacement and let’s all demand that we hear no more from either side about imaginary election year controversies.




Reed was very wrong to create the so called nuclear option, and McConnell was equally wrong to respond in kind. And things clearly are deteriorating further with these two hyperpartisan adolescent parties that are running the country. And even more perplexing is America’s deer in the headlights continuation of voting democrat and republican as though they have no other choice. :roll_eyes:


As I’ve said before- there haven’t been interesting enough third party candidates. Gary Johnson zapped his own chances with the infamous Aleppo gaffe, John Anderson was uninteresting, Ross Perot was interesting but didn’t look presidential (looks count, unfortunately).


You know full well that it was in the presidential election year and it was about a lame duck president being able to appoint another judge in the waining days of what was a very long eight years… It had nothing to do with the midterm cycle or indeed the number of Senators or Representatives up for election during that presidential cycle… and the game, just like the Electoral College that actually elects the president… the Senate has that little bit of control called ‘Advice and Consent’.


It was rather amusing watching heads explode.

Lots of dirty underwear yesterday after the announcement.


And polls are accurate the day they are taken. After that not so much.