Swing-vote Justice Kennedy retires from US Supreme Court


But the leader at the time can certainly affect them.


Isn’t qualifications the first consideration???

Just asking.


Oh bullshit, First the notion that a single “gaff” would throw any person off a candidate is ridiculous. Are you telling me that Gary and Bill were your team until Gary tripped over what or where Aleppo was. Otherwise, show me a presidential candidate in American history that hasn’t had gaffs (plural) and bigger than the one that Gary made over a secondary city that the overwhelming majority of Americans wouldn’t have known of either just a few months earlier. Stick with your republicans doc.


And you show me where any of that is addressed in the constitution…Mr. I’m a constitutionalist.


You’re polluted with your hyperpartisan deceit. The incivility knows no political boundaries. And as I showed you the other day. As the ADL reports, attacks against Jews (which have claimed lives) by right wing groups increased 59% in the first year of Trumps presidency, so emboldened are fringe elements. Of course then you made an attempt to impugn the ADL.


And that would improve too if people at home in their local elections would start giving third party candidates a chance. What’s your registration, if the inquiry is acceptable?


Thanks for that admission. They do not to me.


What city was that???


The advice and consent provides congress the deliberating power to accept or reject a nominee… it doesn’t state the process by which that is achieved… Article One, Section 5 of the United States Constitution: "Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings…

Don’t like it, amend Article I Section 5. The empowered group with the senate has use this provision to all but disable the senates ability to do anything… between powers vested in various committees and those adopted on the floor… they aren’t used for efficiency… they are used to set up adversarial roadblocks.

I don’t think that your ‘Mr. I’m a constitutionalist’ comment is necessary… Don’t like my positions on what I see the purpose and meaning of the constitution is… tell me why I am wrong… no need to be act contemptuous.


Bullshit… If I quite calling you names for having created barriers to real communication and debate… do you promise to quite burning campus’ and busting peoples heads that attend a rally for a candidate that called you a bad name? I made no attempt to impugn anyone… I merely stated that while they might be able to pull up a statistic that shows a rise of 59% in violence against Jews, the list of what they call ‘hate groups’ clearly shows that they have no rights to compare overall violence perpetrated by the left and right because if they don’t see the leftist groups like ANTIFA as violent then they won’t count their MAY acts of violence as ‘extremist’.


Hello pot meet kettle.


Every chance there is to show their hysteria in action is good for the mid terms and for 2020


Die already !!! :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing:



What on earth are you talking about???:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


See, there again, I would love to see the look on Jefferson’s or Madison’s face over Biden’s and McConnells assertions that election years are off bounds for appointments and confirmations. Setting the rules of how it’s done has nothing to do with when. If a seat comes vacant, then the president is obliged to nominate a replacement, and congress is obliged to confirm or not. This bullshit about election years is just that. You like strict adherence to the constitution yet you’re excusing political bs to get around it.


My apologies Scott!!!


Maybe Mueller will look into that.


Maybe it isn’t Mueller’s designated responsibility.

Once appointed and confirmed by the senate, they are a justice for life unless they resign.


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That’s probably true. It seems to me that it’s not very self serving to be running around declaring Roe V Wade dead before Trump has even nominated Kennedy’s replacement. I understand that Trump has promised to put pro life judges on SCOTUS, and I understand how excited his evangelicals are about it. So excited that the same person that they would demonize as a sick and twisted, nasty and mean, insulting and demeaning, bully and narcissist, has become a man that’s merely boorish and rough around the edges, such is the excitement over his policies. I might not really like the way a guy acts, he could be an insult to my sensitivities and faith, but if he’s helping me out he’s not that bad.

But, although unlikely, it’s not impossible that the president, in a rare bipartisan effort, nominated another Kennedy who is yeah, conservative, but occasionally leans out of line, left. In which case democrats would be wise to usher through swiftly. Trump could have a second Supreme Court Justice, already before two years in office, but better, he could have a second Supreme Court Justice confirmed by a bipartisan senate!!!

After nomination democrats could begin whining if Trump throws up a real conservative. The three names that are being thrown up in liberal media as his front runners are all quite conservative, but surely we all know that the actual nominee could come as a surprise, emphasis on could.