Swing-vote Justice Kennedy retires from US Supreme Court


Excellent ! :astonished::thinking::astonished:


I’m talking about your … either extremely blinkered vision of what is going on today or your own ‘You’re polluted with your hyperpartisan deceit.’

My comments here sums up my perspective on your … point of view.


I’ve been looking at your perspective of my point of view since arriving here. And you’ve been dishonest about it with every assessment. I’ve posted several times this week my criticism of Maxine Waters and her irresponsible comments, the girl that yelled “fvck you” to Trump I said should have been FIRED. I’ve called out Joe Scarborough’s irresponsible comments comparing the Trump administration to Nazis. I condemned the owner of the Red Hen for kicking someone out of her establishment who was causing no problems, but simply holds a different political view than herself. I’m sick of this level of incivility in America. But you and others here ignore that, because to address it, you’d have to acknowledge that Monte’s fair and balanced and objective, this way you can point your lying finger at me and call me a partisan, despite my regularly repeated criticisms of both sides and both parties.

For once, why don’t you leave out the attacks and the incivility on the left, we know that you know how to do that, and call out and condemn the recent attacks and acts of incivility on the right…



Not one person said I’m not aware of the person chosen.

Everyone hates the person before they are chosen.

Speaks volumes as to the hate, doesn’t it.


When you control the house and senate and whitehouse, yeah you win. Do you think that’s profound???

Brett Kavanaugh anyone.


We don’t really control the Senate. Little Chuckie Schumer commands the brake pedal.


So many of our esteemed colleagues cannot grasp the Senate does not work on a simple majority.


Ginsberg was confirmed with more than 90 votes. Souter was confirmed with 90 votes. Those bipartisan days are long O V E R!!! Republicans blew up the process, stole a nominee from Obama and we now can confirm a Supreme Court nominee with 51 votes.


Whoooooooo hoooo !! Go trump!


Yet the same republicons allowed Kagan to be confirmed in an election year 2010.

False garbage posted yet again by Monte/stevie.


At the current rate, Trump will get to nominate 8 SCOTUS judges…maybe 9 if Ginsburg croaks tomorrow.


Ginsburg will probably sleep through it and no may notice for days.


Apparently he cares about no one, even those wasting their precious time to gather in worship of him. Several mass murders of Christians helpless in their sanctuaries that proved to be no sanctuary at all come to mind, shrug.


As I predicted, it’s judge Kavanugh, the guy that once wrote an opinion claiming that a setting president shouldn’t be subjected to investigations and lawsuits. What a coincidence that this is Trumps pic…:roll_eyes:


Got a link for that slick???

Or just more fake trash???


Funny you should ask. His pick, Kavanaugh thinks presidents are above the law and shouldn’t be subjected to investigations and law suits…

He’s a real freak of nature.

U.S. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who is viewed as one of the leading contenders to replace him, has argued that presidents should not be distracted by civil lawsuits, criminal investigations or even questions from a prosecutor or defense attorney while in office.


Not being subject to legal harassment while a sitting President does not mean a President cannot or should not be prosecuted after leaving office.


And they were BOTH wrong. Or perhaps you can point to the constitutional provision that supports that…


Prove it as it stands now it’s just more of your BS without proof.