Swing-vote Justice Kennedy retires from US Supreme Court


Letting Christians be succesful martyrs is the best thing God would do, why would a Christian care about the material world when their martyrdom in the name of God is going to secure them a life in Heaven? That’s a really terrible argument.


The point I was attempting to make with that is that if there is a god, he seems to care about no one and nothing, not even those who devote their lives to him. Not just the LGBTQ community.


I just showed you why that’s nonsensical

Baby’s first Epicurean riddle.


No, not really. I merely heard an opinion.


Monte, that’s all you post.

You rarely have facts to back up your opinion.


Ebb and tides…


No the party has lost its base !
Are you ready see two or three socialist on a democratic ticket the working class in America will run away from the party !


Lol, look at congresses approval ratings. America’s disgusted with BOTH PARTIES!!!