Switched from the iPhone to the Galaxy S7 Edge


I have been an iPhone user since the very first one came out. My contract was up a few weeks ago and I was going to order the iPhone 6S Plus…but then I saw the S7 Edge. I thought it was a really nice looking device, so I went to Verizon to check it out. Mind blown. I thought to myself why hasn’t Apple innovated like this? I held the iPhone 6S Plus next to the Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone felt like a relic. So, I decided to break with tradition and give it a go.

Now, there has been a bit of a learning curve for me. The level of control is much more robust on Android than on iOS which takes some getting used to, but that is a good thing. I love the fact that I have external storage on a miniSD card and can choose where I upload my photos. I miss the simplicity of not having to think with Apple but I prefer having full control over where my data resides. So again, this is more of a culture change than a technical complexity.

Anyhow, I’m glad to share more and answer any questions. I’ve just been so impressed with this phone that I have wanted to tell everyone to switch.


How is the typing/keyboard? I’ve heard that the Samsung keyboard is really strange.


I really want to get one of these phones. The camera alone is worth it! I am still using my Galaxy s3 believer it or not. iPhones have gone down the crapper since iPhone 3. I saw nothing special with them since. I have always loved Samsung and the Galaxy has never been short of an amazing piece of technology.


I really want to get one but I can’t afford it right now. I don’t do the monthly deal. I use apps and such and wifi for my phone, I don’t have a contract. So I would have to pay full price for one. :frowning:


I actually switched the other way. I begrudgenly went from a galaxy 6 to iPhone8. Why you ask? Because after 18 months my galaxy 6 has gone to shit while my wife’s iPhone 6 was in peak condition.

I don’t want to upgrade every 2 years so I’ll bite my tongue and go for the longevity


I have a Galaxy S 9 and I prefer an Android over the I phone. The typing on the keyboard is good except for my big fingers .:japanese_goblin: