Syria Chemical Attack False Flag


Been doing a lot of research about this chemical attack because it just irks me the wrong way. They are trying to paint a military leader as another batshit madman, when North Korea actually does batshit stuff all the time and nobody does anything about it.

Anyway, I’m convinced this chemical attack is a hoax or was perpetrated by “rebel forces” aka NATO black ops agents and I have facts and have created some handy material for quickly discerning what I phrase the “flow of aggression”, that is the source and motivating factor for Syrian conflict. It’s multi-sourced and for multiple reasons.

First off - Money. NATO wants control of that pipeline. Or they want their allies in control of that pipeline, which their allies are not currently in control of both pipelines, only one. Syria and Russia are in control of the 2nd pipeline. Who do you hear about all day long is the big bad evil? Syria and Russia. Yet their pipeline supplies oil to Europe, so they can’t be barbaric, however they make money from that and NATO wants that money all for themselves. Or at least a cut of it, which its not getting any right now.

Last Nights Air Strike In Syria

So this chemical attack in Syria a PSYOPS to continue the narrative that Bassar Al Assad needs to be overthrown.

It’s still about the oil and access. Always has been.


It’s about islamic terror, western naivete, globalist manipulation, and taking America/Trump down. I would like to see all US troops withdrawn from all islamic hell holes; let them kill each other to their bloodlust’s limit, they don’t need or want our help.To hell with goat humpers, rebuild America.


100% agree. It makes no sense for Assad to do this when he has the upper hand right now in the conflict.

And last time I checked Assad handed all his chemical weapons to John Kerry.


We need to look at who benefits from the chemical attacks in Syria. Assad certainly doesn’t.


Plans are in the works to make the Iraqi portion of the pipeline functional again, those plans have yet to come to fruition. Syria has at least 2.5 billion barrels of oil in its fields, making it the next largest Middle Eastern oil producer after Iraq.

Makes you wonder why the neocons are so hard over on deposing Assad, doesn’t it?


It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a CIA Black Op orchestrated by a warmonger such as ‘Songbird’ McCain to draw Trump into the conflict. I hope he doesn’t fall for it because why would Russia or Assad do such a thing at this stage of the game. They are beating the rebels. Just doesn’t make sense.


Ron Paul: “Zero Chance” Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag


The Daily Mail deleted this 2013 article about a plan to blame Syrian a gas attack on Assad - thankfully - we have a web archive.


Alex Jones is talking about this right now:


Ron Paul absolutely is right. The corrupt and evil warmongers who run the Banana Empire planted a false flag. Trump needs to refuse the bait and remind Americans this is why they defeated Hillary, the whore of the neocons, police state and Soros.


Trump’s admin intervening: He’s an oil-thirsty war-monger.

Trump’s admin not intervening: He’s a heartless mosnter, look at this slide-show of kids and women being affected by the chemical.

I hope his team kept a level composure and evaluate the situation more carefully.


Completely underrated post. Want proof that this has been in the works? There it is. This must have compromised the globalist narrative.


Terrorist rarely make sense !


No he gave them to Putin.


The move was against everything Trump had said previously about Assad, and was triggered by a propaganda video featuring the White Helmets. The videos portray victims of what is very clearly NOT sarin. It was rebel propaganda created the WEEK AFTER the Trump administration said they weren’t concerned with getting rid of Assad. I’ll even go as far as to say that actual dead people were seen in some of the footage, but as we know, the rebels haven’t been afraid to take whatever opportunity they can to get sympathy in a civil war they are losing against a secular country.


I’m not prone to conspiracy theories but Lawrence O’Donnell started off his show last night with what at this point could be called a conspiracy theory but that makes a lot of logical sense. What if Putin orchestrated everything that just happened in Syria beginning with the chemical attack all the way through Trump’s response? Consider the following:

  1. Russia is Assad’s staunchest ally and stepped in to save him when he was losing ground in the civil war.

  2. Putin was responsible for making sure Syria had gotten rid of all of its chemical weapons and capacity to create more.

  3. Nobody can come up with a reason why Assad would suddenly launch a small-scale chemical attack when all the momentum is on his side.

  4. The U.S. missile strike was so ineffective that Syria was using the same air base today to launch attacks.

  5. All of this coincided with Chinese President Xi’s visit to the United States.

So, really, what is more logical? That Assad, with no apparent reason, decides to embarrass Putin by launching an attack using chemical weapons that Putin was responsible for making sure he no longer possessed? Or that Putin devises this plan to strengthen Trump’s image (look at all the people saying Trump acted “presidential”), divert attention away from Trump’s scandals including but not limited to the Russia investigation, allow Trump to look like he’s finally standing up to Russia, and to poke President Xi making his high-profile visit a secondary story?


I don’t think that we even have to go so far as tying it in with Putin (not that I would rule it out) to see this action as a farce.

We spent $90 million to put on a show and a distraction.
Tomahawk missiles are accurate to within a 9 foot radius of its objective and can be retargeted in flight via a satellite link. There’s also a camera on each to allow for a view of the target before impact.

Each missile has a 1,000 lb conventional explosives payload, so after delivering nearly 60,000 lbs of explosives the airfield was down for about twelve hours with minimal damage.

Who chose the targets, why were so many buildings left standing and why are those runways still usable?


Hell, it wasn’t 3 months ago that the entire inventory of tin foil was supposedly in the hands of the republicans… guess the left are preppers too…:joy:


Touché @Scott

The more I look into this the more skeptical I become about the rationale for the strike. I wasn’t expecting to spend an inordinate amount of time on this lovely weekend researching tomahawk missiles, but here I am.