SYRIAN WAR: Prepare For The Worst - Hope For The Best


I’m sure that Putin will think this is wonderful news.


It’s not like that just happened. If Putin was going to do something he would’ve done it by now. This is old news just being confirmed.


‏إذا لم يرتكب نظام الأسد جريمة أو خيانة خلال سنوات حكمه، إلاّ دفع ملايين السوريين للفرح بالضربة الأمريكية وانتظارها بفارغ الصبر، فهذا وحده يكفي للتخلص منه ومحاكمته.


Here’s what matters to me:

  • Conflict with Russia could cause Russia’s allies to jump in, (China and NK), which will destabilize trade deals already made, and fuck up peace talks recently made with NK.
  • More loss of innocent life in Syria.
  • More migrants in Europe.


I know that you have had a couple of drinks tonight and that you actually meant to say that it was Obama who seeded control of the entire middle east to someone else… … hum when was it that Russia was actively engaging targets in Syria and agitated Turkey so much that they shot one of Russia’s aircraft down?.. Yeah, I suppose Trump announcing his candidacy in Jun caused Russia to start moving troops into Syria under Obama’s nose in August…


Sebastian Gorka knows what OPPRESSION is, his family escaping from COMMUNIST Hungary in the 50s.
Communist China will stay on the sidelines and won’t be involved .Putrid and Assad have the most to loose.The Tehrani Towelheads will continue to be involved looking to antagonize Israel which would be real mistake .



Watching FOX NEWS.I hope Assad has a good hiding place from the incoming missiled . I hope one hits him on the head.
Good job President Trump , send as many missiles as you can and hope Putrid and the Tehrani Towelheads take notice.


I have my theories on this. I am in no way siding against the US but I think we are barking up the wrong tree, in the wrong woods at that. I feel we can trace all of this to some globalist power players and/or ISIS remnants. They are the only ones who can gain from this.

IRAN and ISIS and the deep state globalists have much to gain from a US vs Russia war.


I was watching Hannity and turned it off. This is fucking disgusting. Hitting civilian targets in Damascus.


I think President Trump should go back and read his Twitter timeline. These are the statements that got him elected.

These are the actions that will ensure he loses the next one.


This wouldn’t be happening if Bernie had won.



Great. Reports on the news that ISIS soldiers are moving in and killing Christians under the cover of our airstrikes.


You people are delusional . There was an absolute need for the missile strike.He was warned about using chemical weapons against civilians.Do you people enjoy watching infants.convulsing from the chlorine or nerve agents???
He has done more in Syria in 2yrs than Schmobama did in 8 . At least he has the courage to.make tough decisions.
These targets are the research, production and storage areas for the chemical agents . They were chosen to limit damage and civilian casualties. Would PUTRID and the TEHRANI TOWELHEADS do that ???
BS Bernie wouldn’t know the first thing what to do . He would be worse than Schmobama. Also where is Chancellor Merkel hiding???


I bet these same jokers were all pissed off when Obama didn’t do anything with his red line. I didn’t support Trump from the beginning and I still don’t like him personally but this move was long overdue and I’m glad he had the guts to step up.


I wouldn’t be so sure… Presidents are by in large elected because they are compliant. I genuinely think that Trump had no desire to revisit Syria… I think that he has been fed the same kine of WMD ‘intelligence’ that Bush was (Although Bush was already on board with the globalist agenda). People don’t want to believe that the world contains rather powerful string pullers and I have no doubt that they are quite capable at influencing the outward policy of any president…

I see that the US is the world policeman crowd are cheering… Some people say that I am stupid for saying the the a good portion of the right side of the political spectrum has little respect for the US Constitution… of course I could be totally off base … this really is ‘providing for the common defense’… Syria is just a suburb…


I think you are quite right, most on both sides of the aisle like the parts or interpretation that suits them and ignore or deny the rest. It is a complete document, if we deny any part we deny it all.


The President has the Constitutional Authority, the War Powers Act and the AUMF to use the military for limited engagements. . He couldn’t have a prolonged meeting with Congress before acting because he would loose the tactical advantage.



Its great to have a REAL LEADER as President instead of a WEAK ACADEMIC DOUCHE BAG!!!