Taliban Shrugs at US Plans to Send More Troops to Afghanistan




They won’t be shrugging when Trump is in command of the US military.


They are shrugging because Obozo is only sending 300 troops. If he sent 30,000 and told them all not to report back until all of their ammunition has been used this story would be very different. We need to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies again.


Why is the US even in Afghanistan anymore?

Oh yeah, protect the poppy fields. The heroin “epidemic” is the US isn’t by chance.


We used to be in South America when coke was all the rage. Whatever happened to that? It’s not like coke was eradicated.


Afghanistan is one of those few countries where nobody in history has conquered. It is very arrogant of the USA to think they can be the first. FYI Vietnam was another one of those countries. As long as they are not exporting their brand of terrorism or trying to take over other countries we should get out of there and let them rot in their own filth. If they decide to expots these things again bomb the s…t out of them. No nation building!!


I’m with you. I don’t think we should have ever gotten into the nation building business to begin with. Too many American lives lost and too much of our money spent.

I understand the argument that democracies do not fight other democracies, but it is my view that democracies should emerge naturally and shouldn’t be forced by an outside country.