Tax Payer Funded ‘Canadian Broadcasting Company’ Is Completely Obsessed With Trump


Check out CBC’s homepage:

Red is Trump related.

Yellow is international news, not related to Canada.

Green is directly related to Canada.


CBC toned things down earlier today. On the other hand, CNN is still complaining about President Trump. They just don’t get it! CNN is not much different from our CBC in Canada. Both are far left stations. One big difference though is that CBC gets 1.5 billion dollars from tax payers each year to exist. So, CBC goes out of their way to look after Canada’s Socialists and PM Trudeau.


@MapleLeaf is right but they are still pumping out as much anti-Trump content as possible.


Are you f’n kidding me with this! This is what passes for legitimate news in Canada? They are equating American Trump supporters with white supremacists! How would Canadians feel about equating all Trudeau supporters with left-wing terrorist groups?



Fake news is what CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and even the Canadian shill factory CBC is all about. Create BS narratives, division, and general misinformation. In my opinion, they’re traitors to western values and all western people.