Tax Reform 2017


Let’s fix the problem once and for all.

Make all tax returns for the entire nation public record.

p.s. That includes YOURS.

As a side note as the IRS is somewhat liberal biased they would have indicted him if there was a problem with the return.


I would think you would have more… much more to say about teachers unions and in fact lesson plans that quite literally rewrite history… but you really don’t have any problem with that, now do you.


As @Montecresto1 says… that probably won’t happen, but then again I would like to see just how much money Hillary had diverted to the Clinton Foundation for her influence and access to the government while SOS, but that probably won’t happen either… but perhaps…


Its percent of income not percentage of taxes paid ! A wealthy person may pay smaller of a percentage of income tax then a truck driver .
The government subsidizes because the Government screwed the pooch and shipped America’s manufacturing base to Communist China ! The wealthy got filthy rich and the working class got subsidizes as a form of peace keeping .


I can agree with that basic premise.


There are some (not all that many) where this is true. Yet it is a numbers game, and actual effective tax rates of the various income levels would be a good way to test this. Warren Buffet’s statement about his secretary is true, yet how common is this, or is it indeed so rare as to be statistically insignificant?

My wife and I pay over half of what we make to the Fed and State; I’ve never heard of a truck driver paying 65%- have you?


I’ll pm you my accountants number. :blush:


It’s a pretty interesting comment.

2007/08 were you buying or selling stocks?
I was selling in 2007 with 25% invested and 75% cash.
2008 0% invested and 100% cash.

2009 I began buying as the market was tanking. Lost a little but was fully invested by the end of 2009.
Results I made a ton of money.

What did the average person not paying attention do? Sold in 2009, lost their shirts.

What did the wealthy do? They invested. Made a boatload of money.

The other problem was the Federal reserves ZIRP policy which has been killing savers/middle class for 9 years.

The results:
The wealthy have more money today and the middle class less.

The reality is that in addition to the bust, business off shored jobs as government taxes, regulations, wages, benefits made American labor and products difficult to compete with foreign competition. Isn’t free trade wonderful? We trade cheap imports for US dollars or raw materials.

Sorry but it still applies, everyone uses government, very on should pay for government. Not that it matters as one day the 20+ trillion in debt will demand repayment as investors demand a risk premium for treasuries. If the treasury says no the investors will give the US government the middl finger and move on. Today we are the prettiest pig in the pen, that will not last forever.


The top 10% control 90% of the wealth !


And your point is what?

You work hard invest wisely your rewarded.


You to could be part of the 10% but I got to tell you, the focus and energy required is far greater than 90% of the people… Get government out of business so cronyism and stupid regulations and license bar entry into business and reform patent law so a major company puts a shiny case on an old bit of kit and gets a new patent and it will open up investment and entrepreneurship… You never really saw a monopoly that the government didn’t aid or subsidize…


Hey, Sanders is rubbing off on you. :joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: No end to the dog eat dog corruption in Washington.


The corrupted federal government made American labor difficult to compete with foreign competition !!!
The corrupted federal government allowed dumping in America !!!
The corrupted federal government signed one way free trade deals around the world !!!
The corrupted federal government did nothing to protect American manufactures against unfair trade !!!
The corrupted federal government set impossibly high taxes and regulations on American corporation’s forcing them off shore !!!
Not many working American had the disposable income to invest in the stock market in 2009 most of us were worried about surviving the collapse of the world economy !
Side note not one banker was jail for the securities fraud !


Get real you have to be born into the top 10% !!!


That’s not true, I migrated there. Your link however is to the top 1%, in which case that could have some truth.


You are correct and add to that the unlimited supply of workers from south of the border and there you have it.

Wage stagnation and the middle class struggling to stay above the fray.

Mom people today do not dislike the imports providing 48" LED TV’s for 348 and really don’t think about the Americans that lost their jobs to foreign competition.

Who was it that said we don’t want to do the dirty manufacturing w want to b a service economy fixing what others build. Who would have thought that it would be cheaper to but a new one vs repairing an old one.


That and open borders my whole life. Big business that you correctly criticize isn’t interested in closed borders. And of course BOTH parties pander to big Business. That’s the reality despite the fact that on left leaning boards they blame everything bad on republicans as this board blames everything bad on democrats, which keeps both parties laughing and in power. The joke is on the partisan.

Btw, Reagan gave amnesty to a few million illegals and W wanted to. Maybe someday Americans will realize that they’re being duped by both parties and do something different.


I don’t see that your article points to inherited money verses earned.

Forbes did an article about the top 400 billionairs which CNBC was critical of… But even they show that over 50% of successful billionairs were self made. Of course CNBC wants to stretch the definition of ‘self made’ to include, social environments that lend themselves to highly industrious individuals… I can agree with that and building people’s expectations rather than trapping them in welfare and of course creating government trade policy that ships opportunity overseas rather than availing them to lower income individuals most certianly doesn’t help.


Reagan amnesty, part of the 1986 immigration reform act was suppose to solve, not exacerbate the immigration problem. Of course after it passed little was done by congress on the enforcement side and only spawned a new business model for forged documents…

GW Bush was not Reagan, he was an establishment globalist… his family has always been inclined in that direction…