Tax Reform 2017


Youre just proving me right about socialism being normalized en masse. Here is a little something to shed light on the tax rate vs tax revenue, called the Laffer curve, and since the increased of tax from the government to support the ever-expanding welfare programs, we are now on the right of the curve, where over-taxing leads to companies moving their manufacturing elsewhere more favorable. Its a cut-throad bussiness world, and being patriotic get you bankrupted.


We did vote for a independent and he got elected wake up .


Say you can’t have it both ways !
What is it ? Does this government suck and turned working class citizens into beggars dependent on the government for everything .
Or American working class is useless .


I’m agreeing with you increasingly.


No, he’s a republican…:wink:


There must be something in the air we tend to blame the poor for being poor and the sick for being sick !
Why don’t we blame the wealthy for being wealthy politicians for being crooks and governments for failing their citizens ?
Health care is going to be nationalized the cost is out of control !
It is 17plus % of our GDP medicare / medicaid is costing us 66 billion dollars in 2015 no nation can carry that load .


Well, maybe some people are poor because they don’t/can’t get out of it. But poor people are constantly criticized here as being lazy and stupid. Though the biblical personage of JC spent his entire time ministering to them, according to the narrative.


No one on this board would criticize someone who for example, was born with no arms, or some other real condition.

What many of us object to is this asinine notion that there are no deserving or undeserving poor- just poor. The stupid choices that people make early on often ruin them, as they either spend their life in and out of prison, and/or are gang members, or el producto baby mamas.

Everyone is in a ‘you first’ situation -

Those who embrace lives of disorganization claim they have no hope, and that criticizing them is ‘racist’ or the more mild ‘insensitive’. They say to society - 'you first provide us a good living, (UBI, welfare programs) and/or great jobs - you first, then I might change.

Those who work hard and make their own way claim that bad choices, and laziness are the root causes of poverty- especially intergenerational poverty. They say ‘you clean up your neighborhoods and stop being criminals first’- then we’ll help you.

Liberals say to conservatives 'you first embrace what we tell you to embrace and don’t ask questions because we’re special, and on the ‘right side of history and blah blah blah’

Conservatives have largely given up hope on getting liberals to become adults.


What was it you said about using CBO findings when it suited you? Jesus did indeed mintier to the poor but he did so out of personal compassion. All biblical teaching stress free will. Some people will be selfish and some people will give everything. Being forced to open your wallet at gun point is not free will. Remember it was your dear Obama that killed the last Charity hospital in the US… because it couldn’t comply with government regulations…


Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."
There is a ageless reason most wealthy people are looked at as villains and Scrooge like !
In our own life time we have the off shoring of millions of American jobs and the latest banking fraud that destabilized the world economy ! Greed !


For the most part, the creature you want to feed is the primary reason for true poverty. You want to blame government for not being big enough, bold enough to rob one set of citizen to subsidize another. You however miss the point that it is the government that created most of the extreme wealth disparity in this country. We have been lulled into believing that a service economy and an economy that is 40% financial services… government did that. Banks didn’t bail themselves out… but they knew, as they have found throughout the 20th century, who would so the risk barrier disappears. Trade policy is what guides business… government isn’t much different than an investment firm like Goldman Sachs… If they have a rouge trader, they are happy as hell as long he/her trades add to the bottom line… but if it doesn’t they will throw them under the bus… USA inc … I.E. government tax receivables, operates just that way.

I get your socialist bent but the fact of the matter is, you can’t name one company today that holds anything close to a monopoly status without the aid of the US federal government. From picking winners and losers to back door deals that allow government to spy on our private lives, to the agenda of globalist who, not unlike you, want the government… a BIG international government to impose its will on everyone… no one rich, no one poor… everyone just controlled. The next time you blame big business for something, take a look and see which government agency or politician push a ‘special’ law that allowed for it… I think you will be amazed at what you find.


Government enables people to maintain status quo.

If you can make 10K and collect 30K in welfare benefits why not stay in that place?
If you chose to move ahead and make 25K you face cuts in benefits and certainly lifestyle.
That is the point you miss, the government enables people to say poor.

It’s much like government and student loans and college.
Government has said everyone should go to college.
Government makes it easy by making student loans easy to obtain, all you need is acceptance at any college.
So universities have expanded and college is an extension of high school,
The quality of education has fallen through the floor.
Students graduate and now oh poor me I cannot repay the loans, I cannot find a good paying job.

It’s much like minimum wage. Your government allows unlimited entry level people to enter the country illegally. Wages stagnate. Why would an employer raise wages when people are willing to work for less? People stream business wants unfettered illegal immigration and open borders. So what, Government allows it.

Government hands out medicaid, welfare, subsidies.
Why should a person move ahead in life try and attain more.

You think pool dis people for being poor in fact people who are paying attending address the root cause of being poor, government.

Government causes the problems you see today.


Come on man, that’s the tiniest fraction of America’s poor.


Agreeing with you more and more.


Auh yes… as they say, misery loves company… Big government and collective homogeneity… what more could someone want out of life.


This is why he was far less popular than people act. This is why the religious rulers of his day turned him over to the Romans. They said that it is better that that one man die than an entire people be destroyed.


Well… you know what progressives say about change…


And why do you think healthcare is out of control?

Could it be government regulations?
Could it be the freebies in the ACA that are not free but services built into the monthly premiums?
Could it be the insistence on every test be done by people?
Could it be that half of medicare is spent on the last 2 years of life?
Could it be that pool insist every measure b taken to extend life another month?
Could it be poor life style choices where 69% of our population is over weight or obese. A population where 33% have hypertension and another 30% have high cholesterol.

The new standards has placed have 1/2 the population with high blood pressure.

Just how will national healthcare cure POOR CHOICE???

And you think more government control/nationalized healthcare is the answer?


The truth is hard to deal with no matter where you live !
The fact that one in three black men will do time in jail . Lazy I don’t believe so ? If you make a choice to sling dope you know the risk’s of that life style going in . Incarceration physical labor money and death !
The same risk is true for any criminal enterprise so why would a person make a choice with the results so dire ?
The life of a criminal is much harder and more dangerous then if they just went to work and drew a pay check so why would a citizen make that choice ? They would in the long run make more money pushing burgers then pushing dope ! When you factor in the cost of lawyers , bondsmen , cop’s , and jail time it’s a losing cause !
If welfare were so good why would a citizen choose a life of crime ?
Democratic city’s have created ghettos of despair first building housing projects for the poor of their inter cites and then neglecting them ! Failing them across the board City Services , Police protection , Schools , Job’s cradle to grave abuse !
The Federal Government parlayed this abuse allowing Mexicans across our southern borders taking unskilled jobs that may have provided a way out of poverty for many of our American citizens and depressing the wages for all Americans !
Free trade was the straw that destroyed and hope of ever escaping poverty for American workers !
So what would you do starting out with a poor education almost no job skills and few jobs in the city you live in ?
Suck on the government teat and insure your family stays in poverty or man up and take your chances !
It appears that one in three American black men are telling you something are you listening ?


You have me all wrong !
I blame my government for everything ! This could not have happened if the government that I elected did what they swore to do . Protect the United States of America and the citizens of America . Clearly our government was corrupted from the President to the congress judges included !
What I want is a government that reflects the voters that put then in office ! I want to make lobbing any government official a personal plea from a person with a concern to their representative ! NO LOBBYING firm no ex government employee pitching the case just a citizen and their representative !