Tax Reform 2017


Republicans and Democrats…


Isn’t that choice related to the risk reward factor?
Very risky but the pay is great and it’s tax free.
Few consider the penalty for being caught.

In a wonderful state with legalized POT, the risks are lower and the rewards still pretty high.

Just a note, most people on welfare are not slinging dope.

Are you kidding?
We have illegals in every construction trade in both commercial and non commercial construction where Spanish is required for anglos. we have illegals on road construction as well as in retail.

As the president off the HOA we are painting our buildings and the paint crews are pretty much illegals. Lost a sprayer 2 wks ago as he was deported. Roofers, illegals. Handy man services, illegals, brick layers illegals.

Unskilled, not even close. Jobs Americans can do, absolutely. Interesting thing is a trade like electricians pay pretty well here and are primarily Hispanics that speak broken English and illegals.

The point I made earlier, yes business demands lower paid people but government doesn’t need to comply. Government brought us this mess and refuses to address it.

And you are correct about fee trade.


And the beginning solution is term limits as we seem to have problems getting rid of them once in office.


That’s a good observation to be coming from someone generally so far to the right.


Why would that be such a hard conclusion to reach… Democrats have run most of these cities for decades… They have promised public sector workers pensions that were outrageous even by California standard. They tax business until it leaves… then the mandatory payments to pensioner’s is diverted diminished tax revenues from delivering across the board City Services , Police protection , Schools , Job’s. That is of course on top of ill advised light rail systems and of course pro athletics stadiums… I don’t understand why you would find anyone on the right that would dispute that… but I bet we could find a fair number of deniers on the left…


Ever speed and see a trooper ? You know that feeling you get ? Breaking the law as a occupation that feeling is never far away .
Risk reward are you kidding ? Risk going to prison for years of your life cancels out and gains you may have made quickly ! Everyone I know that tested the law lost at some point ! A few lost their life .
Legalized POT is a mistake in my opinion like legalized gambling .
Let the government pay their bills the old fashion way protect American manufactures and collect their taxes .


Why do you want the government telling people what to do? Thought you guys were all about less government and more freedom. It’s the same old same old,


Not all people think the same way.

Legalized POT is a mistake in my opinion like legalized gambling .

And we are paying the price for legalization.
Our auto insurance jumped 30% this year due to the increased in accidents. And of course the newest drama, 1 in 7 people do not have auto insurance.