Technology's Growing Problem, How to Solve it?

Senator Mark Warner recently published a diffident white paper setting out twenty or so recommendations for regulating technology companies and social media -

States continue to pass their own laws, the federal government isn’t grappling with the problem and as technology advances, the complexity grows.

Rules are needed - what should they be - and if we don’t put any in place what is going to happen?

Why are rules needed? I thought all of you conservatives were anti-regulation? Now that conservative hate speech is being censored online because no one wants to see such toxic garbage if they’re not sticking it out all of you are now suddenly in favor of regulation. Funny how that works.

These rules are badly needed…right now the russian media machines are promoting democrats (alienating women and youth). Democrat house and even senate = more unstable american democracy.

Still reading, but im hoping he has gone much heavier into privacy. Everyones data is currently for sale and databases of billions of record are currently being compiled to profile american voters. Your shopping habit, your facebook likes, the news articles you read, your google searches (even your gps location), club memberships, magazine subscriptions, visa transactions, online gaming habits, any registry activity…all of it is being used to compile a profile on you. Cambridge analytics has revealed how well people can be categorized ans how well these groups can be played to and deceived. This crap can and will undermine democracy if it isnt addressed…obama was too weak on it and Clinton thought she could control it.

Privacy is an illusion.

There is no constitutional right to privacy.

There is no law of privacy although the courts recognize it in certain limited circumstances.

Define privacy?

It was defined in 1890 as “the right to be left alone” by Brandeis (Supreme Court Judge) but what does that mean on the internet - if you want to be left alone, don’t use the internet! Privacy is not a legally defined term. Its legal definition were it to have one would be a nonsense anyway - what is private about a drone flying to close to your house, is different than noise pollution or breaking into your mailbox.

Privacy is NOT what people should be talking about - it is “data protection” they should be discussing - and the sooner people can understand that the sooner we can make sense of this nonsense.

Data protection is a better term.

Id like tonsee targetting of apps that maliciously harvest phone information. There is a ‘phone cooling app’ out there that subtly asks for permission to access your contacts. It then forwards your entire contact book to a russian server (ie your contact info can be sent by a friend that has you as a contact and downloads this app).

Its bad enough that an app like pokemon go has resulted in pictures of the inside of most peoples homes are now recorded on a foriegn located server.

Like I said if you want to maintain your privacy you need to work to keep it.

Privacy is not something the government hands you and you get by right, like the right to vote.

What government needs to do, is get off its backside and warn people about the consequences of their actions. So legislation is only part of the answer! People need to be educated.

I wrote an article about the dangers of technology - - comparing the past with the future.

Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

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I am seeking to faithfully represent the experiences of the 35th president of the United States on the subject of technology. As he faced the consumer age so we now face the Internet of Things - 1961 to 1963 was the dawn of the third revolution, today (2016 - 2018) we are at the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The same issues are arising and the answers remain the same.

Let’s just go off track and ask a question - who was the 1st president to support women’s rights and say “in writing” he would advocate ERA? Yup, JFK. He was way ahead of his time, and with technology too. Who invented consumer law - the same answer, JFK.

Many of the answers that America is looking for today, we can learn from. What are top say 10 issues facing Government in the US today:-

Relations with China (JFK said this problem would arise)
Relations with Russia (JFK brought peace, the cold war started again in 2016)
Huge Regulatory Burden (Regulating Social media, privacy, competition net neutrality etc) JFK shows us how to manage this issue in part
Immigration (JFK wrote a book on it and Johnson again legislated his reforms)
Medicare (JFK introduced it, Johnson legislated his reforms)
A Technology race alongside an arms race (JFK predicted it)
Leadership (Gallup poll survey says #1 issue facing the US - JFK was a good example of a political leader)
Moral decline & constitutional crisis (JFK shows us how to address this too)
Terrorism (JFK wrestled with this problem too - with communism at home and Hoover’s witch hunt)
Climate change (big subject for JFK)

So, we need to educate and that is what I am. Website -

Sooo… it becomes clear now that your presence on this forum is more about promotion of your book than discussion. @Patriot

Who gets to define “conservative hate speech”? Would you be ok with me having the power to censor what I consider “liberal hate speech” if I was in control of a giant social media platform?

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And they shouldn’t get to have it both ways, they were given immunity for the content of their sites based on their claims they were only conduits and not editors of publishers. If they are going to censor speech they object to they should also be held legally accountable for libelous or slanderous speech they allow to show up on their sites.

Interesting how what you consider hate speech is censored yet hate speech from the left is allowed to continue.

You sound like a conspiracy theorist. I look at conspiracy theorists in one of two ways. Either you believe in totality everything they are saying or it’s bullshit. You need to get out of the house, go walk around outside and engage with people before it’s too late…

Google is at once the gatekeeper of searches, and the keeper of everyone’s journeys n the web. Mighty creepy for a company that started out with the mantra ‘do no evil’.
As usual, satire gets to the truth:

Thank you. Glad someone said it.

I am pursuing 2 causes - the first is that technology is the enemy of democracy and if you don’t believe me look at this report / survey from Freedom House - 'Democracy is in crisis as a result of the internet". This is a non-political group founded in 75 years ago who have been following the impact of technology on democracy.

The second is JFK, where I believe he is under-judged. Dallek’s 700 plus page biography as good as it is, only mentions the word technology 6 times. JFK was all about technology and he believed it would be the undoing of American democracy.

Ignore the book (just think of it as a long blog you don’t have to read) and don’t let it stop you debating the issues here and which can be found on the website where I am trying to create a central resource of relevant materials.

This is a serious problem which a great president saw a long time ago.