Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke debate tonight at 6 p.m. Central. Watch here


Good. I oppose it too. Why should states that don’t allow concealed carry have to recognize another states authority?


Why do you live in America


He still has to carry the entire state of Texas instead of a single district.


This man will not vote for Beto O’Rourke.




as simple as that

but low info and low IQ Democrats (and you wonder if there are any other kind)… well, they don’t understand simple truth… or truth period


That man won’t be voting probably ever


Because I’m an American and free to my opinion. Why do you live here, comrade?


I think Cruz did lose some points by making some really dumb strawman accusations, as they do on the right: likening kneeling during the anthem to “flag-burning” (just wow, and well-parried by Beto, with patience and ever so slight eyerolling on this type of disingenuousness), as well as overstating Beto’s stance for marijuana legalization as the same as legalizing heroin and cocaine, and calling universal health insurance to “socialized medicine” (which it’s not, it’s just single payer with private healthcare delivery, but that meme might work with some people), later likening Beto to Bernie Sanders and raising the specter of socialism.

Cruz was obviously in much less good faith than Beto in every way and Beto was just much more gracious to Cruz as a person, which was a winning way and a real contrast. The case for a check on Trump makes itself and Beto owns that ground, but of course many Texans are rather tribal Republicans and Republicans mostly like Trump. That said, Trump is unpopular in everywhere, perhaps a bit more so in Texas. And Beto makes a broad and consistent point of transcending party and every division (not just partisanship) in a very aspirational way, emphasizing commonality as Texans, as Americans, and as human beings. Cruz of course fetishizes of conservative heroes like ranchers and first responders while Beto celebrates teachers, the disabled, immigrants, people of color, and every Texan on his 254-county barnstorming town-hall-apalooza. Beto still has an uphill battle and probably has to deliver a lot of new voters and previously non-voters – but I think he is making a very positive case really well in trying to transcend an ugly hyperpartisan time. In that he is really doing a national service in a demoralizing cynical time!


Im curious how that stance plays in texas as its fallen flat elsewhere.

The oil boon plays to drug use well.

And polling suggests texans are moving closer to legalizing

Is that stance alone enough to sway someone to vote Democrat in texas? I tend to believe that on its own, its not a worthy vote deciding issue, however what it does risk is voters asking ‘if cruz is this misleading on marijuana, is he doing the same on other issues’? Im curious how texans react to this one.


I’m supposed to listen to someone with an avatar like YOURS?

um… no… c ya


if he ran in NY he’d have a chance…


against Ted Cruz??

If Beto the lefty win in TX, this country is doomed


Im curious to see if the debate impacted anything, but this race has become too tight to call.

Republicans have made a huge gamble on trump…they cannot be seen as standing up to trump any longer and trumps fails are now becoming major factors in these races. We, as the republican party, have lost the ability to critisize trump…and we will pay for it in November. Just think if cruz is in jeopardy, what do the congressionals look like?