Terror attack in Melborne, Australia, 14 injured injured thus far


A DRIVER deliberately ploughed into crowds in Melbourne city centre today injuring 14 people as it careered through a busy pedestrian crossing.

Two men have been arrested, including the driver of the vehicle, after cops swooped on the scene of the attack where scores of victims - including a toddler with a head injury - lay unconscious and injured.

A police spokesperson this morning said: “At this stage, we believe it was a deliberate act. The motivations are unknown. It’s still early days in the investigation.”

Police also confirmed 14 people had been treated and taken to hospital, with several in a serious condition.

Footage taken by a witness shows a man in a white shirt and blue jeans being dragged from the passenger side of the vehicle.

Another picture shows a bearded man in a red-and-black chequered shirt sitting on the ground with his arms cuffed behind his back.

Amid the panic, reports also emerged of a possible gas bottle explosion at a shopping centre in nearby Frankston.

Shoppers were evacuated from the mall though cops have said the incident is not linked and fire services are dealing with it.

Another eye-witness described people seeing the car hurtling towards the crowd. According to the AAP, a witness said the Suzuki was travelling at around 60mph.

“The intersection was full of pedestrians and he just ploughed through,” the witness named Jim said. “The only thing that slowed him down was him hitting pedestrians”.

There was no braking, there was no slowing down. Whether it was targeted or whether he had a heart attack, or was drunk, I don’t know.”

Pictures of the two perpetrators:


The same Australian assholes who took all guns away from their people are trying to say that the Muslim who just intentionally drove through a crowd of Christmas shoppers had nothing to do with terrorism.


Definitely not terrorism. Nope. Definitely not. Nothing to see here.


Wow, just like in the US in the past 8 years.


Ah CNN “This is Jake Tapper. What we know now is that two olive skinned bearded guys who just happen to share mental issues decided to plow into a crowd. Not Muslims, or if they were, just crazy people who happened to be radical, er, crazy, er, in need of mental health treatment likely denied due to corporate greed. Whew, they don’t pay me en- oh, still on? We’ll be right back after this” Ahh yes, that’s it. Aloha snackbar.


The Aussies never really struck me as being the weak-willed type of folk.

I’m somewhat surprised that they are actually tolerating forced multiculturalism. They should have never given up their guns. Forced multiculturalism is much more difficult with an armed population unwilling to accept it.


Its because its Melbourne - a leftist shithole. Thats why.

They tolerate this shit because “omfg have to co-exist with muslims!”


Yeah that’s real nice. :roll_eyes: The police have said this was not a terrorist attack. But that won’t matter to you guys. You also accused Antifa of murder in a train wreck in which the driver was speeding. In neither case will any of you acknowledge the truth.


Its the truth.

Why are you following me around like a lost puppy on this site?


They are crazy but not crazy enough to get a van, and pick a busy street for maximum damage. Selective craziness is real, but if the perp is white, its def. KKK-affiliated.


Don’t flatter yourself miss. Are you here to debate… or not, hmm?


Anyone who deliberately drives a vehicle into a crowd of innocent people is a terrorist. Terrorists should be murdered, and forgotten about.


Notice the banner on the cathedral at the scene.

Australians Are Cucks


For the same reasons Franken is leaving the senate.

It’s often called harassment or stalking.


But I heard he reneged on that. Schrödinger’s leaving, or something.


Could that be one of those women and children refugees the democrats told us about ? :laughing::laughing:


Jan 2nd is his announce date.

The Governor has appoints his successor.

Can’t wait to s of he actually leaves.

Maybe he will say he was just kidding and it was part of a skit.


Same skit Al Franken is doing?

"Diversity walls" aka akbarriers going up in Europeans cities for Christmas