Terrorist struck in Edmonton, Alberta, with the signature "truck of peace"


Time to reap what liberal policies sow.


Memes coming to life. The religious truck of peace strikes again. What a time to be alive.


Known to authorities…of course

Suspect identified as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif


I hear that the wounds of the people struck by a Muslim in Edmonton were healed after applying diversity. Is there anything it can’t do?


This article shows that the Toronto Star is in full coverup mode.

No mention of Islam and more fear from of “far right groups”.


Fuck off Star.


Somali black muslim hits cop with his car outside CFL game. The cop went flying, people went to help him and then the muslim got out of car and starts stabbing the cop. Cop survives. How many more reasons do we need to detain and deport these animals back to the shithole they came from. They don’t have the brain capacity to live in a civilized Western environment. They can pray to their pedophile moon god in their own wastelands.


Reminder: the first of tens of thousands of Muslim refugees rejected by Australia will be arriving in the USA and Canada in the coming weeks. This is only the beginning.



This is one deal I find to be jawdropping. While Trump used the wrong words to describe the influx of people coming from Mexico, it is an absolute certainty that those people were not doctors and scientists and leaders of industry and mixed in were indeed criminals … how in the hell could this be any different. Australia pulls the brightest prospects and shovels the rest off to the diversity capitals of the world…


Let me guess a white guy ? :laughing:
Trudeau welcomes all we don’t want , wonder if Canadians feel the same way now ?