Thai Cave Rescue COMPLETE! All are out!


This is GREAT NEWS!!!


Amazing news - well done to everyone involved in what could have been an awful tragedy!


What an incredible effort by divers, authorities, and experts. Humanity at its absolute best!


It’s good that they made it out but this whole orderal was a circus. So many speclists from different countries were flown in to help. Just seems like a extreme overreaction to what the Thailand authorities could have easily dealt with themselves.


I could not disagree more with any statement ever made.


I’m glad they’re all out safely and saddened by the death of the volunteer. To many cooks spoil the broth, every country wants a piece of camera time. Their actions are well intended, but they need to step back, let Thailand do the job and support them and be ready if needed. The best thing some countries could have done was supply food everyone and provide doctors and medical equipment as needed. :dragon_face: