The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost


AG is going to lay an bomb right in the middle of the Mueller investigation… the investigators are fixing to become the investigatees…

Giuliani says to converstation with president untill Comey gets the same treatment

Getting closer to finding the mole(s) in the Trump Campaign…


Then there is the ongoing Huber investigation. It’s about to get real for Obama, Hillary, and many high-level Democrats.


If Sleepy Jeff Sessions has been busting his ass this whole time to orchestrate the implosion of this entire cluster f*ck the I’ll gladly eat my words about any negative thing I’ve ever said about the man. But he better get off his ass and do something already. The clock’s ticking.


I read an article that talked about his meticulous attention to detail in building cases and isn’t one to talk about them… perhaps this is the case. One can but hope that is the reason and not that he is interloper #2. Of course if he is, he will be removed with cause and a new head of the Justice Department will be nominated (Rosenstein being a principle witness in his own defense is a none starter) As far as all of the revelations that are occurring in and around the Obama administration I think this is going to take on a life of its own and will require another special council… I just hope that happens before Mueller’s group become unemployed, I think that they are quite happily corralled where they are.

Got Popcorn?


Something tells me that Sessions didn’t give up his long held Senate seat all so he could kick his feet up at the DOJ. The man has been in the game too long not to want to have his name in the history books. If I had to bet, Sessions is going to start making a lot of people squirm.


I was beginning to believe Sessions was hiding under HRCs dress and keeping her warm under the bedcovers since he’s been quite lately.
Hopefully he’s ready to prosecute the traitors involved in this mess. If he can’t or won’t, then Rudy Giuliani should step in as AG. :grin:


28,000 Sealed Indictments and growing . . .


I’ll believe that when it happens , Hillary has years and years of corruption and criminal activity in past and managed to wiggle out of everyone . Perhaps a few more key witnesses will commit suicide like so many others that wanted to testify against the "above the law " witch ! :roll_eyes:


Someone in the Administration needs to get the DOJ and FBI to give Congress ( Nunes) the records they want. Maybe Nunes and Gowdy should stage a midnight raid on the DOJ and FBI like they did to Cohen.
I can’t believe they can’t find someone to pressure like Mueller is doing to get at Trump. And people say there’s no collusion or obstruction in the investigation. It sure seems like it when these TRAITORS are allowed to resign. They should all face a FIRING SQUAD!!!