The crash is coming


What’s really predictable is how some will attribute a market rise or fall with a president.

While they can have a minor impact, the saying “don’t fight the Fed” is there for a reason.

But non investors would be clueless.


Under Obama the Dow went from 12,500 to 7,000 in less than a year . The next year we read …
“The Dow Jones industrial average, one of the most watched barometers of the financial world, closed above 10,000 points in 2009, a milestone “ WOW 10,000 OMG can you believe it !!!:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


How can you contemplate such a thing on the TIC’s watch, shrug. Some of you will now seek to distance the president from the market altogether, insisting that he suddenly has nothing to do with its rise and fall, though there is an amazing number of posts throughout the last year in which the rising stock market is on the myriad of lists of accomplishments you trumpians attribute to him. And now the markets faltering, folks are predicting crashes, and you trumpians have slipped the TIC in the trunk of the get away car and are driving him as fast as you can away from the scene of the crime. Blatant…sticky…drippingly obvious :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Are you completely clueless about how the market works???

Shrug, Shrug

Do you invest in CD’s or just bank your extra 4 bucks a week?

Do you know what the Federal reserve is???

Do you know the history of the market?

Do you know what the projected rate increases are for the year??

Shrug, shrug.

No your just here to spread your hate.


Funny that you completely omit the fact that Obama essentially had interest rates locked in for the entire duration of his presidency. When President Trump was operating under the same conditions as Obama the market performed exceptionally. So if you want to compare and contrast the two presidents, look at the interest rates. Now, President Trump had a parting gift from Yellen and her Fed pals who refused to touch interest rates for 8 god damn years. After she made her little granny exit speech and announced the hike of rates and market overvaluation…the market started tumbling. Coincide? I think not.


I haven’t much praise for Obama where the economy is concerned, primarily because I don’t believe that presidents are all that responsible for it either way. But when you beat your chest as the TIC and his trumpian followers have done for the past year, owning record after record throughout the year, then by god you own the crashes. That’s how that works!!!


Except for that’s not how that works. The conditions have changed. President Trump now doesn’t have it as easy as Obama had. Obama basically did nothing for the economy and that’s why growth is never attributed to him at all. The market conditions we see now are directly related to the Fed’s behavior. The only time it was fair to compare and contrast Obama with Trump on the economy was when they had the same economic conditions in place and one outperformed the other.


Lol, right. Poor old Trump. All the credit when the Dow was climbing and none of the blame on the down side. Your hypocrisy apparently doesn’t even embarrass you. :roll_eyes:


You are failing to acknowledge his point. Explain how he’s wrong.


You too??? You can’t run around beating your chest bragging about the stock market, taking credit for something you have very little influence over and then slunk away and blame somebody else for the down turns. Actually, if the fat ass TIC had a lick of sense he wouldn’t have said anything about the Dow all year. But he’s FAR TOO narcissistic for modesty or humility. Now, he owns it.


A bit over the top don’t you think?

The hate is getting the better of your common sense.


Obama inherited a crashed economy. Trump inherited an economy in quite decent shape, and a stock market that had been steadily climbing for eight years.


The recession ended in June 2009.

The Federal Reserve poured on the stimulus as Obama kept the brake on with regulation after regulation.

And the market headed upward as the Federal reserve kept the pedal to the metal.

Obama had nothing do do with the market other than slowing it with regulations.


And Obama had a parting gift from Bush. A crashed economy, hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. Regardless of who should receive credit or blame, the hypocritically blind trumpian will give trump credit for everything good that happens in the world, and will attach exactly zero blame for anything bad that happens. Though they will not be the custodians of history. :wink: