The deadly ignorance of the left!



Actually Weaver and his crew had plenty of fire power. You people that fantasize about taking on the government with firearm force will be sore losers if you attempt to make it a reality.


Wrong, but the NRA is on the list. Glad to see businesses distancing themselves from the NRA too.


I see Delta Airlines is pussying out on their ‘stand’ against the NRA… now that they are about to loose 40million in tax breaks… they were just ‘removing themselves from a politically charged issue’… BS


Think about what your saying ?
Weaver Awarded $3.1 Million from US Government !
Weaver had been approached by an informant to the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) The shot guns sold to the informant according to the FBI were a mere 1/4" short of the legal barrel length for shot-guns. Weaver contends they were perfectly legal at the time he sold them to the informant.

Harris carried a bolt-action hunting rifle. !
Sammy had a Ruger mini 15 !
Randy had a shot gun !

On August 21st, 1992, deputy marshals botched a surveillance attempt after entering the Weaver property in fatigues and facial camo. They were armed with night vision devices and fully automatic “assault” weapons. Their orders were to shoot the family dog as the dog would make it difficult to continue their surveillance. The family dog caught wind of the intruders and was shot by one of the marshals (according to published reports, that Marshall was Art Roderick).

Weaver’s son Sammy fired back with his Mini-14 rifle. Randy Weaver was shooting his shotgun into the air and screaming for Sammy to return to the cabin. As Sammy turned to run, he was shot in the back and with a 9mm slug that ripped through his arm nearly severing it from his body. It was then that Harris returned fire apparently killing the U.S. Marshall. The FBI were called to the scene the next day.
Kevin Harris shot deputy William Degan in the chest. He died a few moments later.
Deputy Degan’s shooting brought in the FBI. Soon, the Weaver property was ringed by a huge force of FBI, BATF, U.S. Marshals, Idaho state police and local law enforcement and Idaho National Guard.

That day (August 22nd) an FBI sharpshooter shot Weaver’s wife Vicki as she stood with an infant in her arms in the doorway of her cabin. The sharpshooter had contended (up until the time Congressional and Senate hearings began) that he had been aiming at an armed man (later said to be Harris) who was threatening a helicopter. That same sharpshooter is now invoking the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination as he took the stand last week in the Senate hearings on Ruby Ridge.

This was the Reno justice department think federal involvement and Waco after Ruby Ridge and the resulting FBI bombing in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh .


I have the list I emailed all I could and trye’d to leave messages on face book !
Fucking face book all the messages were marked as spam .
My Family will never do business wit any of these company’s .


Yes I know that Ruby Ridge, OKC and Waco were all government over reach.


Not to answer for @imjimo but I think his response was regards to your comment about ‘plenty of fire power’ … and in is last sentence the potential for great damage to the government for its overreach by the ordinary citizen…:wink: Now multiply that by 300million barrels and millions motivated to act. The second amendment is not a game and the rights deal with far more than a weekend at the cabin.


Yes, I have, and you’re not going to take on the federal government with your 2nd amendment right and be the victor, hmm!!


The left just wants one but the agenda is a full confiscation. It is so obvious. That is why no ban of any type must happen.


This was a response to a grievance involving strangers !
Don’t doubt that there are Americans who would resist any attempt to weaken the second !



Georgia Lt. Gov Vows No Tax Break for Delta if Airline Continues Political Boycott.


Oh I don’t doubt that…


What political boycott?