The Death of Kepler


Kepler went out amid glorious shouts
to find his friends a new home
He went seeking a place in the deepest of space
A ‘hail Mary’ to the firmament thrown

Earlier today, our scout’s odyssey
winked out, went silent and quit
Having less that an ohm and so far from home
His friends saddened to know ‘this was it’

In just short of ten years and amid quieter cheers
the peregrination ended
in a mustered last spark and one more peek through the dark
snapped his last look at heaven and sent it.

*NASA announced today that The Kepler Space Telescope, 9.5 years into it’s mission has exhausted its fuel and has died, but not before sending more pics back of ‘goldilocks’ planets, the subject of its hunt. © 2 days ago,