The 'Deniers' Keep Coming To Challenge Conventional Wisdom


And none of the Global warming crowd appear particularity quick to challenge the findings that discredit their work…

An you just gotta ask yourself… if 97% say that it is one way and only 3% say that it is the other… how come we don’t see any real effort to factually refute these studies?.. Why is it that all we here is a call to ‘punish deniers’?


Don’t you get it @Scott? It’s not about scientific data…it’s about saying things that feel good. If the science doesn’t reinforce feelings then it is not even worth considering. Who doesn’t want to save the planet? Now, be a good boy and go buy a Honda Prius, buy Tesla solar panels for your house, stop supporting the climate deniers, and start supporting the climate celebrities who lecture us on greenhouse gas emissions from the comfort of their private jets and yachts. You are upsetting people!


At some point in the future historians will talk about the period when the scale of the human population began to seriously affect the climate. Geologists are already using the term Anthropocene in place of Holocene, as it is widely acknowledged that humans are affecting the nature of future stone, to say nothing of current topography and geography, just as sea shells always did and continue to (limestone). It has always seemed to me that one can not really put climate change into proper context without looking over-population straight in its face.


No disagreement there but I am amazed and dismayed by (and this is my biased reading) the progressive need to spread democracy and enforce equality. These to things have caused an explosion in the population of the wider 3rd word. It seems to me that when we talk about politics everything gets very convoluted… progressive will say that the world is far to complected to live on an 18th century document… but at the same time, the only real solution to any kind of harmony with nature is a more agrarian society…and on based more in line with nature that, like it or not rewards survival skills much more than our current state of big government and skill robbing social dependency.



You nailed it.

If climate change exists the root cause is people. More people more pollution. You cannot solve the climate change issue without addressing over population first. Everything else is just a band aid on an arterial wound.

But this is just like everything else, never address the root cause.


Yep, that’s what the science says, climate is changing and it’s due to human activity.


I’m still waiting for the ‘informed’ scientific community to address, head on, the many cases where it has been shown that the base date used in climate modeling has been corrupted. Other than already widely varied and questionable outcomes of the many models created using the same data is the big question of the computer adage… Shit in Shit out… Not one of these organizations has proven that the data that they have disseminated is accurate… and they refuse to open source the information…

I have no doubt that the number of people on the planet is a stressor but it is not the same as climate change and to be frank, the population explosion is directly related to a democracy spreading, equality seeking ideology that tends to screw up most of what it touches…


Yep and the climate screamers do nothing to address the root cause over population.