The End of NeoGAF- Male Feminists Are Rapists Edition



A tumblr tier gaming forum which spewed sjw filth down the soul of the western videogame industry is going down overnight due to the owner getting Weinstein’d.


What is neogaf? A gaming forum which became a hivemind of leftist scum. Heavily moderated and gained influence in the video game industry.

One of the biggest site drivers to during 2016 elections.

The owner of the site is Tyler Malka aka Evilore. He is known to have done revenge porn in his past with evidence harassment which surfaced around 2012-2013, somehow its ignored and business goes on as usual.

Today a woman accuses him of sexual harassment.

Evilore is now getting slammed.

Most of the mods/admins have stepped down, many banned. Forum is imploding.


NeoGAF has been total shit for a long time. Actually, I can’t even remember a time when NeoGAF wasn’t total shit. The slightest little thing would end up getting you banned there. I hold that form personally responsible for the destruction of gaming culture. The constant bitching about SJW issues within video games are what gave us black German WWI soldiers in Battlefield, SJW storylines, and forced diversity hiring in the gaming industry. Turns out their fearless leader wasn’t a male feminist but a creep who couldn’t stop committing sexual assault. I hope that shitty forum burns.


Good riddance.

NeoGAF is kill


Those threads are cringe-worthy. Forget the whole sex assault scandal, how does anyone even moderate discussions like that? It’s impossible for someone not to be offended within each of those threads. This is what happens when you play with identity politics. I can’t wait for more sites like this to start going down, especially when their owners get Weinstein’d.


What type of girl goes on a road trip with a guy she doesn’t really know. I never went to this site so I don’t care either way what happens, but this broad’s story just isn’t adding up. I’m not saying she was asking for it, but maybe some mixed messages were sent.


NeoFAG has been way more about politics than video games for years. I still get emails from them in my spam account and it’s a cancer worse than Reddit.


NeoGAF is still down, but once it comes up again it will probably barely have any moderation, meaning you can finally have your way with it. The site will be as vulnerable and defenseless as a roofied teen girl alone with Tyler Malka.


In case anyone is confused as to why NeoGAF is currently committing suicide, well, this is why:


As with all things, they are blaming the Russians. Not even joking.



So apparently, NeoGAF is run by Sony fanboys, sexual harassers and outright pedophiles? Yeah, that sounds about right.


NeoGAF is dead?


Can we kill Polygon next?


street harassment count for the day (so far) is 4

Well, sounds like he sticks dick in crazy. Makes sense with the current “culture” of neogaf, that they would hang out together, and things like this bound to happen. Let them cannibalize themselves. Im speculating that they had a few drinks too many, made out, and then she sobered up a short while after and this happened. RAPE. In this day and age, even if you have direct messaging evident that both parties are consensual “friends with benefits”, the male can be charged with rape, and then charge withdrawn after the social damage is done

Also, which one of you did this?



@Patriot you should start a game forum, recruit all of the NeoFags and we can redpill them.


This. So much this. Please halp.


Here, this took me less than 30 minutes. I’m not going to promote it but you guys are free to do so. If anyone wants to moderate - let me know.


Holy shit man, you opened up a can of worms huh?


Ill gladly volunteer <3.


I may may need some help. It’s getting nuts. I haven’t had a troll brigade in a long time.


Youre speaking to one, but delegate tasks amd ill do thy bidding. I just made an account with the same name.