The Far Right in Quebec


The Times is shocked (shocked) that there are extreme rightists in Canada. Oh, come on. Yes, in general, Quebec is a very very progressive place. But, Pierre Trudeau always feared its authoritarian ultramontainism was not totally defeated by the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s. That’s why he wanted a strong Charter of Rights and bilingualism, and why he was a federalist and opponent of separatism even though the separatist movement was very progressive. He feared that the past could come back and Quebec as part of Canada was the solution. He also believed that individuals had rights, not groups.

The great irony in Quebec is that some of these far right anti-muslim groups attack Islam for its intolerance of gay people.

You should know, too, that secularism in Quebec is of the French sort.

Fox News, as always, has been lying about the perpetrator.