The FBI and police bare no responsibility for the shootings in Florida


The full transcript of the call to the FBI from a concerned citizen warning about the Parkland shooter was published by news outlets Friday. The caller warned the agency the shooter was armed, capable and “going to explode.”

The woman, who was close to the shooter, gave an assessment of his behavior that turned out to be chillingly accurate. She went into detail in the call about his history of violence, getting kicked out of schools, threatening his mother with a gun, interest in the Islamic State, his propensity to mutilate animals, and his stated desire to kill people, drawing in large part from his Instagram. She also told the FBI he had access to tens of thousands of dollars from a wrongful death lawsuit regarding his mother after she passed away, and had purchased guns and ammunition.

“I just want someone to know about this so they can look into it,” the woman said. “If they think it’s something worth going into, fine. If not, I just know I have a clear conscience if he takes off and, and just starts shooting places up.”

She also told the FBI she had called the Parkland Police Department and spoken with an officer about the shooter.

“You know, it’s just so much,” she said. “I know he’s — he’s going to explode.”


Sheriff Israel needs to be recalled and fired. His entire department is corrupt. He promoted people beyond their capabilities based on loyalty to him as an elected official. Organizations typically take on the personality of their leadership. That’s why 4 sheriff’s deputies failed to act and save lives.


Maybe that was part of the conspiracy so many posters here have been promoting. Trumps pushing an anti gun agenda while publicly appearing to be bed buddies with LaPiere.


Try staying on topic.

It’s not about trump.

The FBI and police bare no responsibility for the shootings in Florida


From my understanding the kid should not have been able to buy the gun but an Obammy program prevented him from getting a record.


There’s plenty of blame to go around.

Gov. Rick Scott made it illegal for a doctor to ask a patient if they owned a gun, even a mental health professional. This law was so dangerous that a court had to strike it down."


In this case it would have never been reported by the school.


No they just like blaming inanimate objects. When someone is using one of those inanimate objects to do harm to other people they’re actually supposed to stop that. But they didn’t. It’s the fault of the inanimate object. Full circle liberal logic.


Blame the gun for systemic failures, one that leads back to Obama/Holder DOJ grants.


Curious, why would a doctor ask anyone if they owned a gun???


Do you support GOP governor Scott’s criminalizing a mental health provider asking his patient if he has a gun.


Yes, because there are no guidelines.


And how many people seeing a mental health doc would say Yes I own guns???


No guidelines???


a principle put forward to set standards or determine a course of action

So were set standards put forth or is it a free for all and anything goes???


You show me 10 shrinks who ‘analysis’ the same person without comparing note and I will show you 10 different conclusions… 10 different reasons for the behavior and a seriously small number of ways to ‘treat’ them. Many of those treatments seem to be having a seriously detrimental affect on our society…


So we’ll do nothing and continue to allow the mentally ill access to firearms and have more of the same.


They didn’t save lives because of an internal policy. They saved their jobs first.


Unfortunately we will do nothing to keep the left from destroying this nation in the quest for being politically correct.


A few years ago here in Britain, police stood by a 3 foot deep artificial pond and allowed a man to drown as he was suffering a heart attack… because they weren’t water qualified… The had to wait for the appropriately qualified police. Of course the man drowned in the mean time.