The FBI and police bare no responsibility for the shootings in Florida


Similar to Rick Scott’s internal policy of allowing the mentally ill to keep and have guns. Again, there’s plenty of blame to go around.


But they did put up their do not cross tape.

The Sheriff still has his job.
The FBI still have their jobs.
The school board and administrators still have their jobs.

But they will fix everything by getting rid of bump stocks, a specific gun.

The left have lost their minds and the people of this country have been brainwashed by the left and media into believing this will fix everything. Until next time.

Should the next mentally deranged person use a knife, will the media and leftists demand a ban on all knives???


You bet it’s all Rick Scott’s fault.

What a partisan limited knowledge comment.


Seems like the answer to that would be defining them then, not just allowing the mentally ill accesss to firearms.


And not much of it has to do with the gun itself…


To be fair to Sheriff Israel, he doesn’t deserve ALL the blame. You can also blame Broward County School District, and policies implemented by the prior Obama Administration.



There’s lots of blame to go around.



Crazy is just crazy.

FEBRUARY 26–A North Carolina woman is jailed on multiple felony charges after she allegedly opened fire in a movie theater during a dispute over assigned seats at a screening of “Black Panther,” according to police and court records.

Investigators allege that Shameka Latrice Lynch, 30, squabbled with other moviegoers around 11:45 PM Friday at a crowded AMC theater in Greenville.

During the dispute over seating arrangements for the Marvel superhero movie, Lynch allegedly pulled out a .32 caliber pistol and discharged the weapon inside the theater.

Lynch, seen above, fired one round into the theater’s ceiling, police allege.

While the shooting resulted in no injuries, Lynch has been charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill (prosecutors have identified the victims as two men attending the “Black Panther” showing). Lynch is also facing a third felony count for discharging a weapon in an enclosure to incite fear.

The shooting prompted police to evacuate the entire 12-screen multiplex.

Lynch surrendered to police Saturday evening and was booked into the Pitt County Detention Center, where she is being held on $250,000 bond. Lynch is next due in court on March 14. (2 pages)


And prior Obama era policies upended by the TIC.


Concerning this sheriff what order not to enter was upended by TRUMP???

Or yet more of blame trump.

p.s. the sun came up this AM and it was cloudy, was that Trumps fault too???


Based upon reporting that seems slow to come out btw, I would agree with that.


That’s not all that’s being blamed.


No, Trump tweeted for the sheriff not to enter the building


Well get this, the fat ass TIC declared yesterday that if he’d been at the school, he’d have charged in and confronted the shooter himself, EVEN IF HE DIDNT HAVE A GUN. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. The same chicken shit that got deferments so he wouldn’t have to go fight in Vietnam. Lmao


And… specifically related to this subject… what would those policies be?


And you expect an answer from the parrot? ROTFLMAO!


The TIC allowed that he’d have gone in and killed the guy with his bare hands!!! I know, don’t choke on anything when you read that.


Thier is most defiantly a difference between a young man who many have found his way around a war because of a deferment that LOTS of people took and a grown man with a family. Priorities change and so does a persons character. You have no idea what he is capable of. I remember a picture of him as secret service dealt with a guy rushing the stage… he didn’t look panics at all… more focused I would say.


That " upended by TIC’ was an irrelavant misprint. You didn’t check the link, where I stated,

I blame

1 The Shooter

2.Broward County School District for accepting federal funds to cover up crime

  1. The Obama Administration by MOTIVATING school districts to underreport crime to keep those federal funds coming.

  2. The News Media for publicizing the name of the perpetrator.

in that order.


Unrolled thread from @TheLastRefuge2

Pressured by federal funds, the school district pressured police and the sheriff’s department to cut back on reported felonies because of their disparate effect on minorities.

“…We found out about it, when six cops blew the whistle on severe criminal conduct they were being instructed to hide. The sheriff and police Chiefs were telling street cops and school cops to ignore ever worsening criminal conduct.”

The kids who carried weapons and who would have been charged with felonies and prohibited from buying weapons were “whitewashed” by school district pressure. Although a disparate fraction of those criminals were minority students, a large majority of MASS shooters are white males. If the school district hadn’t been so “race conscious”, a disparate fraction of suspensions and criminal record would have been non- white, that white mass shooter would ALSO have had a felony record, preventing him from buying a gun.

Note THESE stories, BEFORE the shooting, warning of an accident waiting to happen:

Obama admin made schools more dangerous: Column

The Feds Want Schools to Practice Race-Based Discipline—and Teachers Aren’t Happy

Obama Administration Undermines School Safety, Pressures Schools to Adopt Racial Quotas in Student Discipline

Finally, the media for mentioning the name of the shooter and showing his picture. I remember a story on ancient Greece, maybe apocryphal. It may have been from Will and Ariel Durant’s “History of Civilization”, but I’m not sure of this, addressing an Ancient Athenian being charged in Athens for defacing “stadia” markers- sort of like our “mileage markers” but in the shape of a phallus to honor Hermes, who was also a fertility god. When the members of the court asked the defendant why he had defaced the markers, the defendant replied that he did it to become well known. As a result, the court ordered the defendant’s name stricken from court records before he was executed for blasphemy and vandalsm that "TIC’ part is an irrelevant typo. You didn’t read my link


Not to mention the FBI who ignored the report of a potential violent person.

Not to mention the local police who responded to 39 calls in the year prior to the event.

Not to mention the cops who stayed outside while the wacko was shooting up the school.