The FBI Covered Up Benghazi


A retired FBI supervisor said he was instructed by Deputy Director McCabe not to call the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism.


You can blame it on the Russians. The republicans are complicit in the Benghazi fiasco. Btw, just curious, we’re you pointing it out when Bush was arranging the “evidence” around the policy of war in Iraq? Get all corruption.

The memo, (the Downing Street Memo) written by Downing Street foreign policy aide Matthew Rycroft, recorded the head of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) as expressing the view following his recent visit to Washington that “[George W.] Bush wanted to remove Saddam Hussein, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”


Obama, using the CIA, was smuggling arms out of the Benghazi annex to the AQ, al Nusra and MB infested Syrian rebels fighting to overthrow President Assad. And the neocon GOP, was all in support of that. This is why nothing about Benghazi will ever see comprehensive prosecution let alone convictions. Both parties climb into the same bed quite often and the partisan never notices.


McCabe, whose wife was in bed with the Clintons and received $700,000 in campaign funding, helped to cover-up Benghazi for political purposes so Hillary wouldn’t have that smear on her political record…because at this point what difference does it make.

Mueller’s FBI agents are getting outed as biased political operatives…and we’re supposed to trust the FBI?

The FBI needs a good house cleaning.


This is actually a pretty big deal, as it shows that the justice department and federal agencies were totally politicized. It will take twenty to thirty years to find out just a bit of how corrupt it currently is. Think about the FBI under Hoover. The shit is fucked up.


Those 16 intelligence agencies that the left use as a talking point were the very agencies that gave him the information. I mean… if you can’t trust your intelligence people… who to hell can you trust?:astonished:


Well… as part of our desire to change the course of USFP, you might know that a good many deplorables are pretty upset with the ‘neocon’ Republican and want to see that back side of them in the Republican party… FINALLY people are starting to see that they were never anything but liberal interlopers anyway… Of course some people… those who see the right as one homogeneous bag of dirt would never see that… Salon would never write such an article.


A disgruntled ex employee speaks. You just happen to like what he’s saying so this is good. But the same guy saying something damaging about the TIC would of course be dismissed.


Do you have a name?.. Seems to me that the Honorable Mr. Comey is fond of Twitter himself… but he would never put his real name to it…


Well look who’s in charge now.


Approved by the dems and evidence by INTEL !!!


The big crime in Benghazi isn’t what you guys keep harping on. The Obama administration (with the support of the neo-con right) went far beyond the UN mandate in Libya to protect civilians and engaged another regime change. Which is what pissed off Russia and China, and the reason the US could never get a UN resolution on Syria. All the arms confiscated from Gaddafi’s army were being smuggled out of the Benghazi annex (to Turkey) by the CIA for distribution to the rebels fighting to overthrow Assad. Failing to get the legitimacy of a UNSCR for Syria, that was the covert way of working on regime change in Syria.


Are you talking about the people who infest these two agencies… or the President that has been threatened by congress not fire them… or for that matter and of the gang of Mueller…and who would also be maligned by every Trump hating news outlet for daring to clean it up? (but of course that last one isn’t new)


What does this mean to you??? Fire any employees of the agency that are democrats. Fire all the republicans??? The thousands of people that work at the FBI are Americans who are registered republicans, democrats and independents. Whatcha gonna do, hmm??


[quote=“Montecresto1, post:12, topic:5777”]
The Obama administration (with the support of the neo-con right)…

I will say that I am glad that you compartmentalized the segment of the Republcan party that has its roots in Trotsky’s vision of an … international order… a group of Republicans that, when push comes to shove, aren’t very far from been democrats… I read an article recently on how both Russia and China are now using ‘Sharp Power’, instead of the cold war ‘Soft or Hard’ power. It is all about isolation their own populations while guiding open democracies to their demise… I wonder who in America thinks they are being duped… those who want to stick with a constitution that has served us well or those who seem hell bent on seeding our governance to unaccountable world bodies? (That second group seems to like large unaccountable government agencies as well… its easier than getting a law passed and flies under the constitutional radar until someone notices)