The Gang of Six's laughable proposal. No wonder Durban lied about Trump


And the democrats wonder why people dislike them.

The proposal:

It proposes giving a full amnesty not just to the relatively narrow category of DACA recipients (roughly 700,000 people) but to the broader population of so-called DREAMers, possibly covering a couple of million people.
On top of this, it would give a version of amnesty to the parents of the DREAMers. This would make a travesty of the original rationale for the DREAM Act.

It was supposed to cover illegal immigrants brought here at a young age through no fault of their own now we are talking about an amnesty for the adults who knowingly defied our laws.

The proposed deal’s changes in chain migration are minor and affect only the population getting the amnesty. The visa lottery would simply be transferred over to cover beneficiaries of so-called Temporary Protected Status, who were allowed to stay here temporarily when their home countries were hit by natural disasters.

This proposed provision honors the Washington establishment’s cardinal rule on immigration never permit a diminution, no matter how small, in the number of legal immigrants coming here. Meanwhile, the spending on border security would be a relative pittance.


And the comments from the PEANUT section:

Former President Barack Obama resurfaced on Friday and took a shot at Fox News viewers, saying they’re “living on a different planet” than people who consume mainstream media.

Obama made the remarks on the premiere of the new monthly Netflix series “My next guest needs no introduction with David Letterman,” which hit the streaming service on Friday morning. Early in the episode, Obama asked Letterman about his retirement but the veteran talk show host quickly let the former president know who was boss.

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“Now here’s how this is gonna work. I’m gonna ask you stuff, and then you respond to stuff,” Letterman joked.

Letterman then asked Obama what he considers the more dangerous threat to a democracy, the president demeaning the press or a foreign power sabotaging the voting process. Both options are clearly jabs at President Trump and Obama answered without mentioning the current president’s name.

“One of the biggest challenges we have to our democracy is the degree to which we don’t share a common baseline of facts,” Obama said. "If you watch Fox News, you are living on a different planet than you are if you are listening to NPR.”


They are trying to mount a defense of blanket amnesty. Flake should’ve reworded his tweet to say that he’s worked for the Democrats for 17 years because that’s what his trash proposal reflects.


The gang of six proposal was exactly that

Trump rightfully killed it


It’s okay for the liberal Canadians to push back on illegal immigration but not the US…think about that.

WINNING! Mexican Who Had Been in the US Illegally for 30 Years Deported on MLK Day

Two parties, one agenda. But carry on doing the same thing and getting pissed over the results. :joy::joy::joy:


John McCain’s boyfriend had this to say:

It was just after President Trump had finished railing in the Oval Office against African immigrants he said came from “shithole countries” when a senior Republican senator, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who was there to negotiate a deal on immigration, spoke up.

“America is an idea, not a race,” Mr. Graham said, according to three people familiar with the exchange on Thursday. Diversity was a strength, he said, not a weakness. And by the way, the senator added, he himself was a descendant of immigrants who came to the United States from “shithole countries with no skills.”

Yeah, America is an idea, but an idea created by and exclusively for white people. If America is “only” an idea, then why have other races never had ideas like that? What prevented them? Ideas are immaterial, so please don’t say poverty prevented them. Liberia was given to blacks, complete with an equivalent of the US Constitution and lots of social welfare, and look what a shithole it is, always was and always will be. Miss Lindsay, the disgrace of South Carolina should better keep his filthy mouth shut. We know that he is a despicable globalist-tool and a chinless wonder. Was there ever a more punchable mug than his?


Haiti is a idea and not a race, we don’t like the idea.


So we’re finally going to acknowledge that the president did in fact utter his vile racist agenda and Graham corrected and admonished him, and Durbin wasn’t lying. A thread title edit is in order.


Interestingly enough… I haven’t read anywhere that anyone but Durbin said he said it and I have read no where were Graham said that he said it… But I do have a pretty good idea after listening to the televised portion that the democrats found themselves in a bind over what was meant by ‘dealing with DACA’ and ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ when Trump repeatedly coupled security with DACA… Dem’s needed a distraction… So, no I don’t think that we can conclusively declare the title wrong…


What happened to Trudeau’s BS announcement in a Twitter message that read: “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”. Stevie John there is your TIC ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:




Post your link.

An if you read the proposal, it’s a joke.


As always the monte has no link no information, just it’s opinion


The limp monte ignores the reality.


Where the hell did you find that " fact " :laughing: shrug :laughing: FACT :laughing: FACT :laughing:
So when the democrats referred to the same Countries as hellholes when the talk of deporting them back , why wasn’t there an uproar then ?? quack ,quack .:thinking: How many deportations did your hero Obama make in his 8 years ? :thinking: WAS he referred to as the "deported in Chief " by illegals ? :thinking: It is high time we get rid of all these illegal programs DACA , DAPA , etc. and deport ALL their asses back to their shithole Countries !!! :roll_eyes:


Would include chain migration up to 23 additional relatives ,cousins , uncles , grandparents… WTF !
With us being burdened with 23 million illegals , it would NOT be long before that number hit 70 million !!!


I have never heard anyone use this phrase in day to day conversation, but I would love to, so I can ask them to quantify it.


Since America is an idea, we should just write it down and mail it to Haiti. Having Haitians travel to the US is an unnecessary and inefficient way to spread the good idea.


Have you ever been in a meeting with MEN and not have someone use colorful language to make a point ?
Then we have a dishonest ass kisser tricky dick durben raising his tattletail hand screaming teacher teacher Donald said a bad word ! In that got ya moment dick may just as well have told every DACD recipient to pack their bags ?

Let the chumps shut down the government and reap the rewards in 2018 and in 2020 !