The Gang of Six's laughable proposal. No wonder Durban lied about Trump


So you’re acknowledging that Trump is guilty as charged.


No I am not !
The only thing President Trump is guilty of is treating a politician like a man .
Durban did what democratic s do talk shit to get elected and then talk more shit to get reelected pity the fool that has to count on them to deliver on what they ran on ! Durban just stabbed the DACA kids in the back playing for the next fund raiser !


Guilty as charged of what exactly?.. being caught on tape saying what every liberal who screeched over his comment has sense seen their own careers go up in smoke for being bigots and hypocrites… and the women who have yet to be uncovered as their enablers… or willing participants because it was a fun way to the top…


You describe democrats and republicans.


While their are some ‘republicans’ pandering to get the vote of every illegal that they can convince… most Republicans of the truly Conservative mindset don’t really put forth proposals that draw votes… at least not from those who seek government to be the ultimate safety net for their own less than focused behavior.


Oh please do not feign empathy for the dreamers. :roll_eyes:


Their appears to be about a one million illegal count difference between those covered under DACA and the … slightly more liberal number quoted as being DREAMERS…


How did these illegals get to be called dreamers ?
The deal was funding for the wall end chain and lottery immigration .
Nothing that most democrat’s at one time or another have voted for themselves . For that bill Durben would have got documentation for the DACD people .


Many of these people that you call illegals are residing in states that the US took from Mexico illegally to begin with. Consequences. :wink:


Your a pretty hateful person you know… You like to disparage the country that gave you opportunity… one day I would suspect that your attitude will also have consequences…


You guys just can’t seem to understand that in the end you get the same thing from both democrats and republicans. I wonder how far down the road of destruction we travel before this lesson is learned.


So if I don’t agree with democrats on amnesty and you say that I will be just as disappointed with republicans, are you saying that our ‘independent minds’ in agreement that DACA should not happen with out very strong security features … like a wall that the next president can’t ignore and mandatory E-verify so employers can scam American workers and an end to chain migration?.. No?.. I didn’t think so. I may not like the Republican party but I can have much more certainty that of the people who are in it will identify with my way of thinking than democrats or you.


He’s completely unbalanced and clueless at best.


A statement of fact is not empathy.


A private meeting with he president and he comes out and tells all.

Trump should exclude him from ever coming to the WH again.


That happened with Pelosi and Schumer. The have already proven their lack of desire to compromise… isn’t that what democrats always talk about… they want a 100 million but compromise for 50 million the first year, and pick up the other 50 million when the demand a 100 million the following year… Democrats ONLY compromise in their favor and they are desperate for new votes to keep themselves in a job.


Come on I know there are dates to qualify for DACA and I don’t think they go back to 1846 ?


You may trivialize it but they haven’t forgotten.

In the American South, William Faulkner once wrote, the past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past.

This may become truer the farther south one goes.

In the United States, almost no one remembers the war that Americans fought against Mexico more than 150 years ago. In Mexico, almost no one has forgotten.


Don’t tell anyone but that is beyond history.

The progressive left and the mexicans may like to believe that parts of the US is part of Mexico but guess what, IT’S NOT.

Of course thy hav not forgotten as the politics of envy continues today. Not 1 person alive today was deposed from the Southwest as it became part of the US.


How did they get to be called illegals? :joy::joy: