The Gang of Six's laughable proposal. No wonder Durban lied about Trump


Look up the definition of illegal alien.


Think of it this way, the US incited a war with Mexico, in the interest of pursuing a fairly widely held doctrine of Manifest Destiny which expanded the United States all the way to the Pacific Ocean. When Mexico refused to sell land to the US, a right they surely possessed, it was decided that we’d simply take it from them. Now patronizing Americans went ballistic when Russia annexed Crimea. But such is the hypocrisy I fight daily.


I don’t care if Mexico remembers losing a war .
We can start E verifying and flood their country with cheap labor .


As though that would be profound.


And you just got done scolding me about respect ?


Where are you disrespected? Americans tend not to give a shit about the crimes committed by our own government yet yell the loudest whenever they perceive others to be doing so. :roll_eyes:


“As though that would be profound.”


she is hunkering down, adamant that limbo in Canada is better than returning to Haiti, where she fears that the family of her dead husband will kill her


So noble thou art… So why don’t you tell us… in fighting that hypocrisy, just what outcome you would like to see for the United States of America… You think that we are hypocritical because we admonish Russia over Crimea or that we don’t just give up a large part of a developed piece of real estate to a country and a population that can’t seem to get their own house in order?.. Inquiring minds oh tortured crusader…


Of course your rather abbreviated history of the territory claimed in Mexican independence was a portion of territory ruled by Spanish invaders for some 300 years previous where their was no Mexico but various indigenous populations. It was in fact the Spanish who invaded and indeed enslaved the indigenous populations from present day Colombia almost to the Canadian border.

As far as Mexico claim to all of those various regions, their were many disputes, the inhabitants of Texas being but one. Mexico didn’t really have sovereignty over much of these areas and it wasn’t until Santa Ann decided to press his ownership that things got nasty. Remember Mexico’s sovereignty over these areas was by decree because of what Spain had claimed in the name of ‘New Spain’. By the way… General Antonio López de Santa Anna was born in Xalapa, Veracruz, Nueva España and not Mexico. In fact the was the child of well respected Spanish Colonial family… also not Mexican.

The people who lived north of the present day US/Mexican border had always lived north of that border… Mexico held claim over that those lands for less than 25 years and their actual control never existed…


The Mexican War of Independence was an armed conflict, and the culmination of a political and social process which ended the rule of Spain in 1821.

Perhaps we should give the land back to Spain.

Mexico tenure was short and they controlled nothing.


The inhabitants of Mexico were occupied by the Spanish for a few centuries. They finally won their well deserved independence in 1821 and for the first time trade was allowed between Santa Fe and the United States when William Becknell opened the Santa Fe trail. But their independence was challenged by president Polk and the American congress who incited a war with Mexico after they refused to sell land to us, and were threatened by the border being moved to Mexico City if they refused to sign the treaty of Hidalgo. Patronizing Americans turn a blind eye to that theft but raise hell over Iraq, Russia and others committing FAR less crimes.


You must be kidding Iraq Russia are both responsible for killing American service men and women . I am a American I care about America and all of Americas CITIZENS !


Yes, and vise versa.


The President should have done this to all of them


Lets correct this statement a little bit. The inhabitants who were numerous and varied indigenous groups who live in lands from Columbia to Canada were occupied by the Spanish for a few centuries. An power hungry son of a Spanish colonial aristocrat decided to carve out a domain for himself called Mexico and chose from those occupied lands which he would fight to take away from Spain… the indigenous populations were still the same as the ones who were enslaved when Spain first arrived and none were allowed to revert to their original tribal structures or given reservations (however poor) to practice their respective cultures.

Their, I think that is a little more accurate account of the history of ‘Mexico’…

Kind of like what happened to Israel but I’m sure you can’t see the correlation…


Lindsey Graham is there too, shrug.


You would think that they were the only ones in the room too… well, besides the open borders, America haters from the ‘other side’ of the isle…



Well, Lindsey Graham, a fellow republican to the TIC, said that all that was addressed in the bipartisan plan he presented to him. And at 10:00 am he was on board but the White House staff derailed the TIC by noon. Like Ann Coulter observed last week. The TIC listens to the last person he talked to and doesn’t have a command of the facts.


You didn’t answer the question…