The Gang of Six's laughable proposal. No wonder Durban lied about Trump


Beans !!!
Have any of you resisters bother to find out what President Trump rejected ?
An immigration reform proposal pitched last week by the pro-amnesty “Gang of Six” senators would cover 14 times as many illegal immigrants as a bill offered by leading House Republicans, according to an analysis by NumbersUSA.

Trump request: 694,000 current DACA enrollees
Goodlatte bill: 694,000 current DACA enrollees, who would have no path to citizenship
Gang of Six: 3.338 million, based on estimates by the Migration Policy Institute of people who would be eligible for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act. NumbersUSA estimates that parents of so-called dreamers, who would be eligible for DACA-like protections, would bring the total to 10.014 million.

Trump request: Ends family-sponsored immigration.
Goodlatte bill: Limits family-based migration to spouses and minor children and establishes renewable non-immigrant visa for parents of U.S. citizens.
Gang of Six: Maintains migration and reallocates 26,000 visas reserved for adult children of legal permanent residents to a category of spouses and minor children of permanent residents.

Trump request: Ends program that awards about 50,000 green cards each year to people chosen randomly from applicants around the world.
Goodlatte bill: Ends program but distributes the green cards to skilled employment-based visa categories.
Gang of Six: Keeps half of green cards from present system to people from underrepresented countries and half to people currently living in the United States under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program based on natural or manmade disasters in their home countries.

Trump request: A long list of measures such as border wall funding, ending visa overstays, hiring 10,000 more Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, and punishing "sanctuary" jurisdictions.
Goodlatte bill: Similar provisions, although with different details.
Gang of Six: Funding of $1.591 billion for wall planning and construction, limited to existing fencing; $1.123 billion for other non-wall border security measures.

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who created DACA in 2012, told CNN on Monday that a shutdown may be a good strategy.

In good faith bargaining one side DOESN’T"T tell lies about the person they would like to deal with . This is just the left posturing to it’s shrinking base !


Speaking of shrinking bases, Do you realize how many Americans register republican??? In fact, so illussioned by their parties, Americans now register a majority as independents. They do still need training on voting for the independent on their ballot however.


Obviously the issues are of less importance than the the letter… ’ I '… shrug. People may not be registering republican… but they are voting for candidates who are going up against the establishment… they are the people in growing numbers who are getting jobs and empathizing with MAGA…


Spin off of a phony gang on six bill that was designed to fail onto independent voters .
Of course you would never consider the the majority are moving from the left to the center where they will meet President Trump ?


It doesn’t matter what you guys think about “sovereignty”. The consequences of ill gotten gains. Check out this map and compare it to the territory stolen from Mexico with the forced treaty at Guadalupe Hidalgo.


GOD you do love to beat a dead horse don’t you?.. If it hadn’t been for Spain their would be no Mexico… Move on and talk about something relevant… like… why LaRaza isn’t racist… :roll_eyes:


Fuck Mexico I am an American I don’t care about Mexico or the people in or from Mexico !
I care about America and all our citizens as does our President a definite change from the last one and our congress !


Lol, no surprise there, very trumpian of you. A very nonviolent clever means of reclamation you’d half to concede.


No very American of me ! Get use to it we are going to drag all of you on the left along with us to a better America one where all Americans have an opportunity to prosper !


Well a struggle certainly ensues in America, and while I admire your enthusiasm, I see it elsewhere also. Not sure that you can be so dogmatic.


What so many of you resisters cant understand is the destruction of Americas manufacturing base !
Large city’s lost large manufactures and the taxes they paid first but in the end every one in the rust belt felt the pain of closing factories in America firing American citizens and moving to Communist China and Mexico .
Our nation put Mexican and Chinese labor in front of American citizens ! Obama was going to push the TPP right up what remained of American manufacturing’s ass !
So if President Trump wants to say shit hole country I don;t fucking care !


I’ve been bitching about manufacturing going over seas since long before we had the internet and platforms like this to do so on. I just don’t agree with the TIC’s approach and could be considered a resister to that.


You know, when I’m critical of things that “our nation” has done that has harmed us and people abroad, you accuse me of hating America, anti American, blah blah. :roll_eyes:


So your cure is to sideline American workers until they are no longer competitive by opening our borders to anyone who will do the work cheaper… while continuing to have the social programs that keep you in business… About Right?


Apparently so. trump on.


Right On Bro !!! :fist:t4:


Au contraire I will be the first one to say American politicians have done more to hurt American’s working citizens then any enemy in any war ! Where we part ways is the abroad part .We elect our representatives like them or NOT elections have consequences in for a penny in for a pound . Ride with an outlaw hang with an outlaw .


Criticism is criticism, either it’s a free State with freedom of speech or it’s not. Can you point me to something other than your opinion (which is fine if that’s all you’ve got) that differentiates between domestic and foreign??


If you care more about a illegal immigrant then you do about an American citizens I am not going to be able to help you with differentiates between domestic and foreign??


Hey I’m not asking you to like the messenger but he and Bernie were the only one singing the tune .
Bernie got screwed and we got President Trump the only voice for working Americans .