The German's forget how to make warfare


“Defense experts cite the warship’s buggy software and ill-considered arsenal—as well as what was until recently its noticeable list to starboard—as symptoms of deeper, more intractable problems: Shrinking military expertise and growing confusion among German leaders about what the country’s armed forces are for.”

“Even if the ship can be fixed, however, some naval experts worry it would struggle to defend itself against terrorist groups supplied with antiship missiles. And in the face of a Russian naval buildup in the Baltic Sea, it lacks its predecessor’s sonar and torpedo tubes, making it a sitting duck for submarines.”

““These problems stem from Germany not having a strategic vision for its military,” said Ronja Kempin, defense-industry expert at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs in Berlin.”

“”There’s a whole generation of German engineers who haven’t worked on a major defense project,” said Mr. Mölling, the defense expert. “It’s not that they lost this skill; they never learned it.””

It’s unbelievable what socialism can do to the proudest of societies.


Germany should rebuild it’s military to where it’s second to none in Europe. They should be able to cause Russia to have second thoughts about possibly invading Europe. Right now, Russia could sweep into France without much of a problem.
But Germany has to have a Real leader that isn’t a pacifist and willing to restructure the military.The only Real leader will come from the AFD Party. Deutschland Uber Alles!!!


When a once great country stops focusing on the things that matter this is the result. The German people are under siege and their government can’t even secure their basic defense.


It can happen to anyone.


It happened to us because Obama gutted the military. No different what Merkel is doing in her own country. Yes, it can happen to anyone and it’s usually at the hands of people who don’t take the security and defense of their country very seriously.


How’s that? Congress controls that. And in case you didn’t realize it, the US outspends the rest of the world by magnitudes. Why do you snowflakes shake like a leave and piss down your legs when America has had, during any administration in the past 70 years, the biggest military in the world with troops stationed all around the world, 140 countries. You guys just don’t know the difference between offense and defense.