The Good Intentions Fallacy Is Driving Us Toward the Destructive Outcomes of Socialism


Milton Friedman argued that there were two threats to freedom, external and internal. In 1962, Friedman pointed to the Soviet Union as an external threat. Seeing an internal danger, Friedman argued, is more difficult because it is “far more subtle”:

It is the internal threat coming from men of good intentions and good will who wish to reform us. Impatient with the slowness of persuasion and example to achieve the great social changes they envision, they are anxious to use the power of the state to achieve their ends and confident of their own ability to do so. Yet if they gained the power, they would fail to achieve their immediate aims and, in addition, would produce a collective state from which they would recoil in horror and of which they would be among the first victims.

The morphing of the progressive ideology into the new name of Democratic Socialists is little more that an attempt to re-brand failed aims in the hope that they can convince everyone that ‘This Time It Will Be Different’…


The problem with socialism is “central planning” and its advocating of equal outcomes of society, and the collective is paramount, it philosophy goes against human nature.

Whether is Socialism, Democratic socialism, marxist-leninism or whatever socialism you want to call it, its all the same

No invidualism
Central planning
Big Government
Destruction of a market economy.


Socialism is what i call Forced Altruism. Other animals have shown signs of if without being forced. We are moral animals as well and should not be forced.

There is nothing wrong with being an individual and thinking as one. That is what the left fears most.


Central planning

It may work well in small compact countries but this is a country where 100 miles can have 2 completely different economies, standards of living requiring different solutions which seems to escape many in office tiday


Central planning doesnt work period, doesnt matter if its small or large countries.

You cannot plan in a market economy, arithmetic is what makes market economies work, legislation and central planning distorts the market economy.


Yes it does

Government doesn’t pick winners and losers well

My comment referred to the welfare state and centralization at a national level

LA is far different from Des Moines


Another patronizing “it’s all liberals fault” thread. :roll_eyes:


What… The truth hurt?


Not what I said. Just the typical shit you see on political forums. Go to a left leaning forum and all the threads are about how all America’s ills are the fault of conservative Republicans. It’s how patronizing Americans roll.


Do you think or believe all of America’s ills are the fault of Conservatives or Republicans?


No, of course not, and that’s NOT what I said in the post you quoted.


I asked a simple question Montecresto, nothing more, nothing less.

I will ask it again, Do you think or believe all of America’s Ills are the fault of conservatives or Republicans?

And you did answer it, so who is at fault?


You don’t need to ask it again, I answered it,