The lazy and incompetent in Puerto Rico leave millions of bottles of water on the ground


“Although you don’t believe it… almost a million boxes of water that were never delivered to the villages,” posted Abdiel Santana, a photographer working for a Puerto Rican state police agency who took the pictures. “Is there anyone who can explain this?”


This is typical of the PR culture being LAZY. I would rather have 10 Mexican workers than 1000 PRs any time. :japanese_goblin::laughing:


That’s a broad stereotypical comment. PR became our responsibility when we stole it from Spain. :wink:


Get them out of our country! The bureaucrats the connected this disgusting land Do not represent the American people


Too bad we can’t give it back!!! You try living in a neighborhood like I previously have and you may see things differently!!! :japanese_goblin:


Lol I’m from culture raped inner city of Boston I lived through every race.


Well, it’s the pottery barn rule.


:roll_eyes: Liberal BS !!!
Puerto Rican government-debt crisis. The Puerto Rican government-debt crisis is a financial crisis affecting the government of Puerto Rico.[a] After decades of mismanagement and centuries of colonial rule, the government’s outstanding debt exceeds $70 billion (in addition to $50 billion in pension obligations).


Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy isn’t just the largest municipal filing in the history of the United States, it’s the latest example of big government’s failed promises. The island is around $123 billion in bond debt and unfunded pension payments—more than six times what the city of Detroit owed when it filed bankruptcy in 2013. That’s around $34,000 in debt for every Puerto Rican resident.


So, once again, it wasn’t a federal problem but a state and municipal one. That they were virulently anti-Trump only served to disguise their incompetence.


Consequences Freedom.

“Over a century ago, the U.S. prevented Puerto Rico from gaining autonomy.

In February 1898, Puerto Ricans had a lot to celebrate. After centuries of Spanish colonial rule, they had just become an independent part of Spain, complete with a Constitution and voting rights. But within only a few years, the U.S. would throw all that asunder, paving the way for Puerto Rico’s nonvoting territory status today.”

It’s a pity so few are aware of the past history…:wink:


We are trying very hard to forget 2008 - 2016 !!! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


It’s really Trump’s faults for sending them too many bottles of water, dont you see?


It would be great if we could trim the fat now and let these loud mouthed Puerto Ricans try to solve their own problems - without being able to blame the US for their self-inflicted stupidity.


I suppose, if only the bureaucrats responsible for corruption in the territory were the ones to suffer from that.


They are incompetent welfare leeches and a drain on US taxpayers. They really provide nothing of value to the US.


When we stole Puerto Rico from Spain? You mean when the Spanish signed a treaty? Also…that has nothing to do with water bottles on a runway in Puerto Rico right now you jackass.


Here is the principle arm waver and of course she is part of the very corruption that set up so many people to die. The aid was there and her leadership skills were not.


But @Scott since the US stole Puerto Rico in the world of @Montecresto1 none of the actions by the people in Puerto Rico today matter. They can only be innocent baby like victims who are not responsible for their actions.


You’re broad brush is just more of your bigoted garbage. You’ve likely never been to PR but there’s plenty of hard workers there.