The lazy and incompetent in Puerto Rico leave millions of bottles of water on the ground


The stupid mayor seemed to get around the island , rather than holding endless press conferences gather the people and pass out the dam supplies . WTF , do we have to hold their fucking hands ?? Why is it minorities sit back and WAIT for others to spoon feed them everything ???


Republicans and trump did all they could, it’s the Democrats that are in charge over that killed all the people


It’s the lazy laidback attitude and the dependence on government to supply their every need , they seem incapable of fending for themselves after years of entitlements .


We - America are damned if we do & damned if we don’t. Half the world stands in judgemant; but always with their hand out. A hundred years ago we rebuilt Haiti’s infrastructure; and no time after we handed it back, it was left to fail. We are like a big lumbering ox, coverd with the worlds’s parasites.


A lot of this hatred has to do with race, they hate white people White Democrats hate them selves to get votes.
Good we whites hate you back fuck off


Both Bush and Obama fumbled one huricane each… Trump had 3, 1 category 4 and 2 category 5 and they only thing you hear is that silly little mayor of San Juan complaining that she needed to get off her ass and get this aid out to people… and when the ‘goberment’ didn’t come to her rescue, she binned the lot and yelled even louder… this is what happens to a society so dependent on federal government that they couldn’t dig their way out from under a pile of dry leaves… but then again, they were in that state before the hurricane even got a name.


I wouldn’t lay this totally at the feet of ‘minorities’ as I would the dependent society some people have worked decades to create… some are just more susceptible to the idea that they are victims and are incapable of taking care of themselves…


Shes claimed her Latin culture over American culture…
we know you are a corrupt nasty fucking pig
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New Orleans - - - here’s the plan; we will build a city 8 feet below sea level. What could go wonrg?


On April 1, 1979, President Jimmy Carter signed the executive order that created the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

It’s an agency that was never agreed to by congress and continues on today.

Overview of Federal Disaster Assistance

Federal assistance is available to supplement the resources of State, local, and voluntary agencies in major disasters.

FEMA uses the Federal Response Plan (FRP) to coordinate the government response to disasters or emergencies. The FRP describes the mechanisms by which the Federal government mobilizes resources and conducts activities to augment State and local response efforts.


Did my congressman ask me if I wanted my money to PR


That happens to be the difference when disasters strike in middle class areas and they work together to help each other and don’t sit back and wait on others to do it for them every time !!!


This is a clear sign Puerto Rico doesn’t share our values. And must not be apart of this country.


Bottled water doesn’t go bad,it may get very warm but if it’s contained in a sealed bottle it cannot go bad


Yet it has expiration date printed on it.


It has an expiration date not because it goes bad but because the plastic bottle can change the taste after time and temperature.It is however still safe to drink.


FEMA left the water out in the sun for months, but it’s PR’s fault lol


EVERY Puerto Rican neighborhood in America is high in crime, are we expecting these people to take care of them selves?


The local government and the people who fucking live there that’s WHO , everywhere else there are volunteers , police , firefighters , government workers HELPING why not there ??? More spoon feeding needed ??? WTF !!!


They refused to drink the water .